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Old Night's sophomore album succeeds in delivering a layered and emotive experience that may only reveal itself to you after multiple listens.
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Riding the line betwen Funeral and slow Death/Doom aesthetics, Austrian solo project Selenite throw some Hindu/Buddhist philosophical and ritual elements...
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The Ruins Of Fading Light
    US Trad/Epic band Crypt Sermon offer an absolute killer as their sophomore full-length release.
 cdimgDivided By Darkness
    US band Spirit Adrift are relative newcomers, having only been formed in 2015, but they have now crafted three exceptional full-lengths of Doom-influenced Heavy Metal.

La Quintaesencia De J˙piter
    Despite Juan C.'s impeccable Doom credentials, this latest solo work as AstorVoltaires is well-executed Post-Rock, at most melancholic rather than doomy.
 cdimgRuins of Eternity
    US Trad Doom band Orodruin return after a sixteen year gap between albums, but it was worth the wait.

Into Desolate Realms
    Swedish veterans Runemagick's cleaner, milder and less intense stance may not be bad, but it doesn't hit the heights of their earlier work, either.
 cdimgThe Eternal Dance
    Bold and experimental in scope, Dutch Death/Doom band Fašade's latest release is an avantgarde mix that will not appeal to all.
    UK band GÚvaudan achieve something pretty special with their debut full-length - you only get the one shot at making your first album count, and that's exactly what they've done with this epic Doom Metal feast.
 cdimgDethroned Of Our Souls (Compilation)
    Something of a mixed bag with this compiled reissue of Evadne's widely-spaced "demo" releases - but it's nonetheless a nice piece for Doom collectors.
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2020-02-09 : Re-recorded diSEMBOWELMENT track available for download here
Band founder Renato Gallina's definitive 2019 re-recording of 'Nightside Of Eden'
2019-11-26 : Exclusive preview of the new Dead Woman's Ditch album
'HrŠfn' by Dead Woman's Ditch on preorder now from Third I Rex
2019-10-17 : 'Doom Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute to Cathedral'
Check out our exclusive extended features for this release below.
2019-06-20 : New Advent Varic track released
Second long track from the Boston, MA blackened Stoner/Doom outfit now on YouTube
2019-06-07 : Exclusive video premiere from Polynove Pole
The Ukrainian Gothic Doom/Metal band present a new video track exclusively on
2019-04-29 : New anthology of doom interviews by Cathal Rodgers
The 400-page volume "Existentiell" is available now
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2020-02-23 : Interview with Pombajira
Despite the voodoo connections with their name, Brazil's Pombajira are more interested in presenting an "uncompromised mix of Heavy, Rock, Doomed Inferno". Comrade Aleks finds out more from guitarist/vocalist Hellson R÷cha.
2020-02-23 : Interview with ThunderWhip
While seminal Danish Death/Doom band Caustic considered their options, a couple of the core members set up ThunderWhip and set about recording. Bassist/vocalist Rune Hellmann Anderson fills in the details of the story for Comrade Aleks.
2020-02-23 : Interview with Death The Leveller
Irish band Death The Leveller may contain core members from Mael Mˇrdha, but they take a very different musical angle. As their debut full-length prepares for launch, drummer Shane Cahill tells Comrade Aleks all about it.
2020-02-12 : Interview with Scald
Following the surprise 2019 announcement that Russian Epic Doom band Scald had reformed with the original line-up and a new vocalist, Comrade Aleks needed to find out more from the cult legends.
2020-01-25 : Interview with Intothecrypt
After Scald disbanded, and the later Tumulus went on-hold, three of the members of both created Pagan Death/Doom band Intothecrypt. Comrade Aleks discovers a lot more about this little-known project.
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2020-02-23 : Death The Leveller (Traditional Doom)
2020-02-23 : ThunderWhip (Traditional Doom)
2020-02-22 : Pombajira (Traditional Doom)
2020-02-05 : Gorslava (Stoner/Doom)
2020-01-25 : Intothecrypt (Death/Doom)
2020-01-22 : Nauthik (Sludge/Doom)
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