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Simple, stylish, confident, accomplished… Excruciation's latest album doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too.
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Dark and cold doom/death with tendencies of funeral doom. Keeps it simple and raw while at the same time utterly miserable....
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Times are tough for underground websites. (2014-03-12)
From where we're sitting, times look tough for the underground Metal scene. The music's still out there, but we're clearly not the only site that's struggling to find people to keep up with new releases, never mind having time to devote to classics that deserve revisiting. Is it simply something that's had its time, and is just slowly withering into obscurity as the last of the dedicated sites and forums and blogs fade away?

We hope not. It's a proud heritage, filled with defiantly independent spirits who form the bands, run the labels and publicise the scene. But it needs an active fanbase to nourish those things, to take an interest and participate in keeping them alive, to create some sense of community rather than lone voices howling in the wilderness.

That is why we are appealing, again, for anyone with time and talent to help. If you like Doom, and want to talk about it; if you want to support music that you love, then contact us to get involved. Not for material reward - there's little of that, to be honest - but for the satisfaction of being a part of this scene: to promote your chosen music, to discover more about it, even to make contacts and friends amongst the bands and labels - that's what being a reviewer or interviewer is really about. And if you don't feel able to write formally, why not join in on the forum instead? Share your thoughts and comments with us, ask questions or start discussions. It doesn't take much to build up a thriving group with common interests, just a little effort to get involved, stand up and be counted as a fan.

If you'd like to be part of the editorial team, contact us at
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2014-08-18 : Doom-metal interview round-up
They don't stay on the home page very long, so in case you've missed any...
2014-08-10 : New Alunah album available for pre-order
'Awakening The Forest' will be released in early October.
2014-08-10 : Teaser video from Bleeding Tears
Showcase single from 2012's 'Brother Wolf' album.
2014-08-10 : New Earth album available for pre-order
'Primitive And Deadly' to be released early September.
2014-08-10 : New Ommadon album out this month
'V' released in August.
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    Thanks to Doom:VS, fans of Saturnus get a new album much sooner than expected. Nobody needs it, but many will enjoy it.
 cdimgSons of Gaïa (Demo)
    Dartropia's demo is a promising one, held back only by a clearly non-existent budget.

    Necropoli present an extremely heavy and interesting debut that fits somewhere between Death Metal and Funeral Doom.
 cdimgLast Days Here (Documentary Video)
    Touching, illuminating and of special interest to Doom fans, this documentary on Pentagram's Bobby Liebling is essential viewing.
    Unique, flawless and classically self-redefining, Narrow House have excelled with this release.
 cdimgEchoes Of Wrath/Hyperborean Altar
    More Death than Doom, perhaps, but Act Of Impalement manage to fit in something for pretty much everyone.
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2014-08-17 : Wardenclyffe (Death/Doom)
2014-08-17 : Acid Dream (Stoner/Doom)
2014-08-17 : Necropoli (Death/Doom)
2014-08-07 : Clouds Taste Satanic (Stoner/Doom)
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2014-08-18 : Interview with Woe Unto Me
Belarusian Death/Doom band Woe Unto Me released their debut album this year, to critical acclaim. We took the opportunity to get acquainted with them in more detail: in the interview seats are Olga Apisheva (keyboards), Ivan Skrundevskiy (bass), Dzmitry Shchyhlinski (guitars) and Artyom Serdyuk (guitars, growls).
2014-08-17 : Interview with Acid Dream
Quick introductory interview.
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