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The Slow Death's latest release is an incredibly powerful, emotional, and intense album that needs your full attention.
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Classic revisited

Random band

This band plays traditional doom with clear influences by Pentagram and Trouble. Despite being influenced by doom rock, the music is quite sad....
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The Mystery Of Faith
    Progressive Death/Doom at heart, Dionisyan's use of classical elements adds personality to this debut.
 cdimgReclaimed By The Forest
    A thunderous and yet satisfyingly cathartic debut from Canadians Algoma.

Tales From Beyond (Demo)
    A very promising and eclectic demo from new German Stoner/Doom band Grimmage.
 cdimgRitual On Black Mountain
    The extreme and painful Of Doomed Morale can nonetheless take you to some fascinatingly hideous places.
cdimgTime Of Terror
    Apostate's latest album is a solid and effective, if not particularly surprising, head-banger.
 cdimgOut Of The Garden
    Crypt Sermon's debut full-length makes a convincing case for placement in the top tier.
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2015-04-23 : Ancient Lament debut release
'Messages From The Crystals' released by Frozen Light
2015-04-21 : New Forgotten Tomb album out now
'Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love' available on Agonia Records
2015-04-21 : Nomad and Wort split album plus tour
Release in July, tour in August
2015-04-21 : New Bong album due in May
'We are, we were and we will have been' due out 25/05 on Ritual Productions
2015-04-21 : New Ufomammut album out
'Ecate' released early April by Neurot/Supernatural Cat
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2015-04-25 : Interview with Ancient Lament
Quick introductory interview.
2015-04-23 : Interview with Hexenjäger
Quick introductory interview.
2015-04-21 : Interview with Swan Messiah
Quick introductory interview.
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2015-04-25 : Ancient Lament (Funeral Doom)
2015-04-24 : AlgomA (Sludge/Doom)
2015-04-23 : Hexenjäger (Stoner/Doom)
2015-04-21 : Swan Messiah (Drone/Doom)
2015-04-20 : Throes Of Ire (Death/Doom)
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