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Mesmur's sophomore lands a second Prog-tinged bullseye on the Funeral-paced Death/Doom target.
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True Shades Of The True World
    Russian unit Crust's third self-release successfully mixes both old-school and new Sludge/Noise/Post-Core.
 cdimgThe Cross Of Doom
    For a first release, this 2016 outing by France's Stonewitch carves a pretty decent Trad marker.

Night Gaunt (Reissue)
    The 2015 rerelease of Night Gaunt's debut shows a lot of promise with its US/UK Trad styling.
 cdimgThat Amber Lit Morning
    Enter The Soil (formerly Hirsute) offer a polished sophomore take on '90s Death/Doom.

Destin (EP)
    The latest EP from Clouds evokes a by-now familiar sorrowful beauty with their usual deft touch.
 cdimgStill Dreaming
    Eterne's lost classic 1995 debut was one of the first true bridges between Gothic Rock and Doom.
cdimgMemoirs Of A Shattered Mind (Anniversary Edition)
    A rewarding and gloriously dark Gothic/Doom album, remastered for extra depth and clarity.
 cdimgPale Mare Demo MMXVII (Demo)
    A crushing monument of Epic Doom metal, Dwoom go above and beyond what you would expect from a demo.
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2017-10-18 : Apotelesma's debut album out 27 October
'Timewrought Kings' to be released by Solitude Productions.
2017-10-17 : Motherslug debut full-length due Oct 31
'The Electric Dunes of Titan' to be self-released by the Australian band.
2017-10-13 : Odradek Room release new album today
Sophomore 'A Man Of Silt' out now on Hypnotic Dirge/BadMoodMan.
2017-10-07 : Profetus re-release out now
'Coronation of the Black Sun'/'Saturnine' double CD out on Weird Truth.
2017-10-07 : New Hundred Year Old Man single out now
'Black Fire' released on Gizeh Records.
2017-10-05 : New Woe Unto Me album out now
'Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed' released 29/09 through Solitude Productions.
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2017-10-17 : Interview with Motherslug
Quick introductory interview.
2017-10-07 : Interview with OHHMS
Following their latest release, 'The Fool', OHHMS were kind enough to treat us to a complete, frank and in-depth look at the band's story and history...
2017-10-07 : Interview with Faustian Slip
Quick introductory interview.
2017-09-24 : Interview with Blessed Realm
Following the re-release of Blessed Realm's demos via the 'Doomography' compilation, Matt talks to founder and vocalist Kat about the band's history, attitude and abrupt disbanding.
2017-09-17 : Interview with Lacrima Mortis
Quick introductory interview.
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2017-10-22 : Crust (Sludge/Doom)
2017-10-21 : Eterne (Gothic/Doom)
2017-10-17 : Décembre Noir (Death/Doom)
2017-10-17 : Marianas Rest (Death/Doom)
2017-10-10 : Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf (Traditional Doom)
2017-10-09 : Echolot (Stoner/Doom)
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