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Doomed's latest magnum opus is a faultless exemplar of modern Death/Doom.
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A duo from Idaho, Throes Of Ire class themselves as 'Horror Doom', and support that with songs drawn from historical or mythical supernaturally...
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In Fields Of Pestilent Grief (Reissue)
    A reissue that rightly honours Funeral's pivotal, but long-unavailable, 2002 release.
    Ashtar's debut is a beautifully-crafted crucible for a wide array of influences.

    When Kröwnn hit their stride, this debut full-length sounds like an organic, living thing.
 cdimgDramatis Personae (EP)
    Rise Of Avernus deliver a tight, polished and lushly eclectic release.

Live In Kharkiv
    An interesting historical retrospective of Vin de Mia Trix's early days.
 cdimgSlow Transcending Agony (Reissue)
    The remastered reissue of Ataraxie's debut is an essential album.
cdimgNatem EP
    An interesting combination of Stoner/Death/Doom from young German band Natem.
 cdimgA Palpable Sense of Love and Loss
    An exemplary debut full-length of depression-soaked modern Doom from Pendulous.
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2015-08-02 : Ohdaith debut EP released
'Winters Reign' cassette now available through Human Jigsaw Records
2015-07-28 : Somnent debut EP released
'Eventide' now available for free download on Bandcamp
2015-07-23 : Hammer of Doom X 2015 festival announced
20/21 November in Wurzburg, Pentagram and My Dying Bride headliners
2015-07-23 : King Heavy release preview track
Preview of the September debut release through Cruz Del Sur Music
2015-07-23 : Preview video from Beneath The Storm
Slovenian band's new album due out in September on Argonauta Records
2015-07-22 : New Angellore album due in August
'La Litanie Des Cendres' to be released through Shunu Records
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2015-08-05 : Interview with Of Spire & Throne
Quick introductory interview.
2015-08-05 : Interview with Ohdaith
Quick introductory interview.
2015-08-04 : Interview with Silent Oath
Quick introductory interview.
2015-08-02 : Interview with Surrogate Prey
Quick introductory interview.
2015-07-29 : Interview with Somnent
Quick introductory interview.
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2015-08-05 : Ashtar (Atmospheric Doom)
2015-08-04 : Of Spire & Throne (Sludge/Doom)
2015-08-04 : Silent Oath (Epic Doom)
2015-08-02 : Ohdaith (Atmospheric Doom)
2015-08-01 : Rise Of Avernus (Gothic/Doom)
2015-07-29 : Somnent (Death/Doom)
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