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Norilsk manage to capture the icy, oppressive landscape of winter while crafting songs that stay with you long after the album is finished.
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Sunstone are a four-piece from London, mixing up bluesy Stoner/Trad and fuzzy Sludge/Stoner music with idiosyncratic, Hardcore-tinged clean vocals. Has a...
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Site Latest (2017-12-10)
New Monads track streaming here is very pleased to present this preview in cooperation with Aesthetic Death Records. Please check the full news article for more details.

'Leviathan As My Lament' from the forthcoming album 'IVIIV'.

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Deranged Pagan Sons
    Cardinals Folly knows what it takes to sound like Trad Doom, but misses the mark in memorability.
 cdimgMy Grief
    Following Mistralth's lengthy hiatus, their sophomore return is a most finely realised sonic sadness.

The Price Of Retribution (EP)
    An EP packed with diverse and hoarsely snarling Gothic bitterness showcases Fractured Spine's latest works.
 cdimgSound Of The Wind
    The sophomore full-length from Psychedelic Witchcraft is a significant step in the evolution of this talented Stoner Doom outfit.

Le Passage Des Glaciers
    Norilsk manage to capture the icy, oppressive landscape of winter while crafting songs that stay with you long after the album is finished.
 cdimgSongs Of Slumber (Anniversary Edition)
    Fractured Spine's remastered debut experiments effectively with both Gothic Metal and Death/Doom.
    The debut full-length from Fašade is a worthy demonstration of all the right elements of modern Death/Doom.
 cdimgEvil Desire
    Dirty Grave's debut full-length pays homage to the pioneers of Doom metal.
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2017-12-10 : Preview of Monads forthcoming album 'IVIIV'
Due for release December 20th on Aesthetic Death Records
2017-12-10 : Doom:VS T-shirts on preorder
'The Dead Swan of the Woods' design shipping around 5 January 2018
2017-11-13 : Skandal on tour in the UK
The London-based Doom 'n' roll band announce the 4th leg of their "Tour of the Cicada"
2017-11-13 : New Luna album out now
'Swallow Me Leaden Sky' released by Solitude Productions
2017-11-08 : Debut album from Soyuz Bear now streaming
'Black Phlegm' released 21/10/17 through Necrocosm Productions
2017-11-08 : New Sektarism live video now streaming
Live at L'homme sauvage available on YouTube
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2017-12-10 : Interview with Nest
Quick introductory interview.
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Quick introductory interview.
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Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-09 : Interview with Aleksey Evdokimov (Author)
To mark the publication of Aleks Evdokimov's comprehensive 'Doom Metal Lexicanum', we asked him to tell us a bit more about this unique project...
2017-12-09 : Interview with Monolith Cult
Quick introductory interview.
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