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At last, Belgium's Monads back up their impressive demo with an improved-in-every-way debut.
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The band describes themselves as: "NO keyboards, NO female singers and NO violins and other bullshit – this is ultra heavy doom from the underground. A fuc...
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Sweden - Active.


Epic Doom

One of the most important early Doom bands around, Candlemass was hugely influential on the entire doom-metal genre and is perhaps the biggest doom band from the 80s (and arguably the founding fathers of Epic Doom). Some people believe their debut album contributed to the use of the term "Doom-metal" for this type of music. Candlemass plays mournful, heavy-for-its-time, yet epic sounding Doom-metal with clean vocals. The themes of early Candlemass deal often with the battle between good and evil. The band also gained fame for its vocalist, Messiah Marcolin, being quite the stage appearance with his huge afro and monk's frock.


Tales Of Creation1985NoneDemo
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus1986Black DragonCD
Nightfall1987Metal BladeCD
Ancient Dreams1988ActiveCD
At the Gallows End1988Metal BladeMcd
Tales Of Creation1989ActiveCD
3-Way Thrash1990Stand VCI EntertainmentSplit
Live1990Music for NationsLive CD
Kerrang!1992Devotion / Music For NationsSplit LP
Chapter VI1992Music for NationsCD
Sjunger Sigge Fürst1993MegaRockMcd
As It Is, As It Was1994Metal BladeCompilation
Dactylis Glomerata1998Music for NationsCD
From The 13th Sun1999Music for NationsCD
The Black Heart of Candlemass2002Powerline recordsCompilation
Doomed for Live - Reunion 20022002Powerline RecordsLive CD
Diamonds Of Doom2003GMR MusicCompilation
Document of Doom2003EscapiDVD
Essential Doom2004Powerline / GMR MusicCompilation
Dactylitis Glomerata2005GMR Music2CD
Doom Songs The singles - 1986 - 19892005SpunBoxset
Candlemass2005Nuclear BlastCD
Curse Of Candlemass2005Excapi Music EntertainmentDVD
20 Year Anniversary Party2007Snapper/PeacevilleDVD
King of the Grey Islands2007Nuclear BlastCD
Black Dwarf2007Nuclear Blast7"
Lucifer Rising2008Nuclear BlastEP
Dactylis Glomerata & Abstrakt Algebra II2008PeacevilleRe-release
If I Ever Die2009Nuclear Blast7"
Death Magic Doom2009Nuclear BlastCD
Psalms For The Dead2012Napalm RecordsCD
Introducing Candlemass (Compilation)2013Recall2CD
Candlemass vs. Entombed (Split EP)2013Sweden RockCD
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live at Roadburn 20112013Svart Records2LP
Gothic Stone (Compilation)2014Avalon2CD
Death Thy Lover (EP)2016Napalm RecordsCD
Dark Are the Veils of Death (EP)2017Peaceville Records7"
Nightfall (30th Anniversary)2017Peaceville3CD






Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)
Nightfall (1987)
Ancient Dreams (1988)
Tales Of Creation (1989)
Chapter VI (1992)
From The 13th Sun (1999)
Dactylitis Glomerata (2005)
King of the Grey Islands (2007)
Lucifer Rising (2008)
Death Magic Doom (2009)
Psalms For The Dead (2012)
Nightfall (30th Anniversary) (2017)


Interview with Candlemass (2006-03-16).
Interview with Candlemass (2015-12-29).


The band reformed in 1998 (with just one original member), but did start playing a different style than their traditional sound. In 2002 the "original" band ('Nightfall' lineup) reformed, bringing Messiah Marcolin back into the fold. This most famous and very succesful reunion lasted until May 2004 when the band mutually decided to disband completely, only to reform again later that year!

Founded by Leif Edling after the demise of his previous band Nemesis. - After vocalist Messiah Marcolin originally left he started a band called Memento Mori. Some previous Candlemass members play in a power metal band called Zoic.

The two demo's who are both called 'Candlemass' (from 1984 and 1987) are different demo's and have only been tentatively been called s/t demo's by us at Doom-Metal.com since we have been unable to confirm whether those demos actually have a name or not. 'The Black Heart of Candlemass' is a compilation of demo and rare tracks by some of the major bands Leif Edling was involved with, incl. Candlemass and Nemesis. '3-Way Thrash' is a split VHS with the thrash bands D.A.M. and Dark Angel. 'Kerrang!' is a split with Paradise Lost, and the nu-dustrial bands Crowforce and Murder Inc..

Almost all old albums have been re-released with bonus material. 'Dactylis Glomerata' was originally meant to be released as an Abstrakt Algebra release, but financial issues changed those plans. The second disk of the 2CD re-releases of that album contain the Abstrakt Algebra demos of the album.

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