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Old Night's sophomore album succeeds in delivering a layered and emotive experience that may only reveal itself to you after multiple listens.
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This old Maryland cult band never made any official releases during their active days between '85 and '87. Not until their demos were compiled and finally relea...
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Japan - Active.



Dirty, raw sludge doom, with a slight hardcore feel. Note that most of their lyrics are sung in Spanish! Fans of Eyehategod should check out their early works while Grief fans should go for their later ones. Some of their releases contain only one long track. During their career they have produced releases that can claim to be some of the heaviest sludge/doom ever created.


Anciano1995Japan Overseas7"
El Dios Queja1995Tag Rag10"
Nadie1995Third CultureMcd
Grief/Corrupted Split1995H.G. FactSplit 7"
Paso Inferior1997Frigidity DiscosCD
Black Army Jacket/Corrupted Split1997Frigidity DiscosSplit 7"
Corrupted/Enemy Soil Split1997H.G. FactSplit 7"
Noothgrush/Corrupted Split1997ReservoirSplit LP
Noothgrush/Corrupted Split1997ReservoirSplit CD
Dios Injusto1999Frigidity Discos7"
Llenandose de Gusanos1999H.G. Fact2CD
Phobia/Corrupted Split1999RhetoricSplit 7"
Scarver's Calling/Corrupted Split1999Metal EnterpriseSplit 7"
Corrupted/Machetazo Split2000Frigidity DiscosSplit 7"
Meat Slave/Corrupted (+ Solmania)Split2000H.G. FactSplit 7"
Corrupted (+ Solmania)/Sloth Split2000NoneSplit 7"
La Victima Es Tu Mismo2001View Beyond7"
Discordance Axis/Corrupted/324 Split2001H.G. FactSplit CD
Twin Threat To Your Sanity2001Bad People/Riotous AssemblySplit 2x7"
Paso Inferior2002InsolitoLP
Corrupted/Cripple Bastards Split2002H.G. FactSplit 7"
Corrupted/Infaust Split2002Blind DateSplit 7"
Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos2004H.G. FactLP
Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos2004H.G. FactCD
El Mundo Frio2005H.G. FactCD
An Island Insane2007H.G. Fact7"
Vasana2007H.G. Fact7"
El futuro en la oscuridad (EP)2008HG Fact2x7"
Garten Der Unbewusstheit2011Nostalgia BlackrainCD
喪失:Loss (EP)2015Crust War7"
Felicific Algorithim (EP)2018Cold Spring Records12"



Anciano (1995)
El Dios Queja (1995)
Nadie (1995)
Grief/Corrupted Split (1995)
Paso Inferior (1997)
Black Army Jacket/Corrupted Split (1997)
Corrupted/Enemy Soil Split (1997)
Noothgrush/Corrupted Split (1997)
Dios Injusto (1999)
Llenandose de Gusanos (1999)
Phobia/Corrupted Split (1999)
Scarver's Calling/Corrupted Split (1999)
Corrupted/Machetazo Split (2000)
Meat Slave/Corrupted (+ Solmania)Split (2000)
Corrupted (+ Solmania)/Sloth Split (2000)
La Victima Es Tu Mismo (2001)
Discordance Axis/Corrupted/324 Split (2001)
Twin Threat To Your Sanity (2001)
Corrupted/Cripple Bastards Split (2002)
Corrupted/Infaust Split (2002)
Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos (2004)
El Mundo Frio (2005)
Vasana (2007)
Garten Der Unbewusstheit (2011)


The band obviously have an extensive back catalog, and seem to favour split 7" releases. It should probably be noted that most of the early split 7" are with grind bands. The band has a strict policy of never letting professionals taking their photograph or letting them interview them. The release 'Twin Threat To Your Sanity' is a 2x7" split between Bongzilla, Corrupted, Dystopia and Noothgrush.

A Dream Of Poe - The Wraith Uncrowned
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