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Old Night's sophomore album succeeds in delivering a layered and emotive experience that may only reveal itself to you after multiple listens.
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Strictly speaking a Dark Ambient (or, as the duo describe themselves, 'Space ambient') project rather than any sort of Doom one, Failor are inc...
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Left Seething Yet Unspoken & Veneration Of Broken Worlds (EP)
    Funeral Mourning's swansong is a morbid emotional experience with melancholy at the forefront.
 cdimgInertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality)
    Barely moving, Funeral Mourning's last full length album shows you what pure desolation sounds like.

Descent - MMXV (Demo)
    In 2015 Funeral Mourning returned from the dead, bringing pure darkness from the underworld.
 cdimgEmission Through Self Infliction (Split with Kilte)
    This 2007 split sees Funeral Mourning at their most desperate, sadly ruined by a weak partnership.

Drown In Solitude (Reissue)
    Funeral Mourning's 2006 debut is a classic example of top notch Black/Funeral Doom.
 cdimgCenotaph Of Defectuous Creation
    Sempiternal Dusk's Doom-infused Death Metal proves an unexceptional experience, despite the quality musicianship.
cdimgFading Mirth & Dry Heaves
    More Black than Doom, and imperfect yet oddly captivating: French band Wolok's latest release.
 cdimgThe Ruins Of Fading Light
    US Trad/Epic band Crypt Sermon offer an absolute killer as their sophomore full-length release.
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2020-02-09 : Re-recorded diSEMBOWELMENT track available for download here
Band founder Renato Gallina's definitive 2019 re-recording of 'Nightside Of Eden'
2019-11-26 : Exclusive preview of the new Dead Woman's Ditch album
'Hræfn' by Dead Woman's Ditch on preorder now from Third I Rex
2019-10-17 : 'Doom Or Be Doomed: A French Tribute to Cathedral'
Check out our exclusive extended features for this release below.
2019-06-20 : New Advent Varic track released
Second long track from the Boston, MA blackened Stoner/Doom outfit now on YouTube
2019-06-07 : Exclusive video premiere from Polynove Pole
The Ukrainian Gothic Doom/Metal band present a new video track exclusively on
2019-04-29 : New anthology of doom interviews by Cathal Rodgers
The 400-page volume "Existentiell" is available now
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2020-03-05 : Interview with Amber Tears
With a new album recently released through BadMoodMan Music, Amber Tears offer their first new music in nearly a decade, but still with little in the way of self-promotion. Comrade Aleks attempts to lift that veil with the help of vocalist Anton.
2020-03-05 : Interview with Cardinals Folly
A new album for 2020 helps keep Finland's Cardinals Folly's work rate high and mighty. Comrade Aleks talks to founder Mikko Kääriäinen about that, and much more...
2020-03-05 : Interview with Dagothar
Quick introductory interview.
2020-02-23 : Interview with Pombajira
Despite the voodoo connections with their name, Brazil's Pombajira are more interested in presenting an "uncompromised mix of Heavy, Rock, Doomed Inferno". Comrade Aleks finds out more from guitarist/vocalist Hellson Röcha.
2020-02-23 : Interview with ThunderWhip
While seminal Danish Death/Doom band Caustic considered their options, a couple of the core members set up ThunderWhip and set about recording. Bassist/vocalist Rune Hellmann Anderson fills in the details of the story for Comrade Aleks.
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2020-03-05 : Dagothar (Traditional Doom)
2020-03-01 : Sempiternal Dusk (Death/Doom)
2020-03-01 : Wolok (Black/Doom)
2020-02-23 : Death The Leveller (Traditional Doom)
2020-02-23 : ThunderWhip (Traditional Doom)
2020-02-22 : Pombajira (Traditional Doom)
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