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Subterranean Disposition's Prog/Doom sophomore builds significantly on all the good points of the debut.
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This band has gone under many names since it's birth in the late 80's. However they have been heavily inspired by Black Sabbath ever since their beginnin...
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The Battle Of A Doomed Nation (Demo)
    This short and raw demo from Victorious March shows they have direction and promise.
 cdimgGates Of Flesh
    Lord Vicar's third full-length shows them at their absolute masterful best.

A Lament
    P˙lon return with another well-crafted, distinctive and catchy rocker of an album.
 cdimgEnd All Life
    Holland's Doomcult offer a provokingly nihilistic and riff-filled debut.

    With a creepy horror movie vibe and ballsy earnestness, Murder Hollow's debut is both entertaining and credible.
    Witchhelm's debut is a solid Trad release that improves as the album unfolds.
cdimgI (EP)
    The UK's Conjurer debut with a a rip-roaring smorgasbord of pummelling sludgy noise.
 cdimgCelestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain (EP)
    Innerborée's brief debut is lugubrious, dynamically varied and satisfying.
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2016-07-29 : Out now - new album from The Extinct Dreams
'Фрагменты Вечности' released through Stygian Crypt/Bac
2016-07-29 : Out now - The Unknown: 'In Search Of The Unknown'
Debut album from the Iranian Atmospheric Doom band.
2016-07-28 : Out now - Forever Autumn: 'Waiting for Öktober MMXVI'
10-year remaster edition now available at Bandcamp.
2016-07-27 : Fire magazine Issue 2 available now.
Second issue of the Italian doom/psych/stoner magazine, presented in English, is out now.
2016-07-20 : XI years of Solitude - 11% discount
Celebrate Solitude's 11th birthday with a discount available until 22 July.
2016-07-20 : Summer sale at GSProductions
Pick up some bulk-buy bargains while the offer lasts!
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2016-07-26 : Interview with Doomcult
Quick introductory interview.
2016-07-16 : Interview with Void King
"Void King, from Indianapolis, just released their first full-length album. It's angry, heavy and powerful doom...good enough to look more deeply into its background, so I got in touch with the band…"
2016-07-16 : Interview with R.I.P.
"...R.I.P. bring authentic Doom/Rock material...built on the legacy of Pentagram and Saint Vitus, but developed to coherently form their own style. Fuzz is the man who willingly answered all of my questions, and we achieved excellent results!"
2016-07-11 : Interview with Subterranean Disposition
"It took some time for Subterranean Disposition's sophomore album 'Contagiuum And The Landscapes Of Failure' to seemed like a perfect time to catch up with what's been happening in the meantime."
2016-07-05 : Interview with Flesh Of The Stars
"Fresh and obscure pre-apocalyptic band Flesh of the Stars appeared in Chicago just a year ago. This is my favourite kind of interview – almost the whole band is here to answer. Let me introduce you..."
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2016-07-27 : Victorious March (Death/Doom)
2016-07-26 : Doomcult (Traditional Doom)
2016-07-26 : Witchhelm (Traditional Doom)
2016-07-16 : Void King (Traditional Doom)
2016-07-16 : R.I.P. (Traditional Doom)
2016-07-11 : Haast's Eagled (Avantgarde Doom)
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