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The latest Zatokrev full-length: near-faultless, and essential.
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Heavy funeral doom with slight black elements. They utilize a mixture of grunts and screams which sounds slightly depressive. The introduction page of their hom...
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July is Solitude Month


This month, Solitude Productions celebrates reaching its 10th birthday, having started in the July of 2005 to promote the then-young and often-ignored Russian Doom underground. Having brought us over two hundred releases, including the BadMoodMan Music and other sublabels, since then, Solitude has become an integral part of the scene which we all support, and would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to Evgeny, Sergey and Anton for their hard work and dedication over the past decade.

In support of this, we would like to draw your attention to a variety of Solitude-related items:
- We are running a competition, in cooperation with Solitude, to win some extremely cool prizes. Details of how to enter can be found here.
- The site radio is hosting an exclusively Solitude playlist, including a preview of the forthcoming Fallen album. Find it here.
- Find the brief history of Solitude here.
- And check out our 'five years on' interview with Evgeny here. This will shortly be supplemented by a brand-new 'tenth birthday' interview with the Solitude team.

Meanwhile, Solitude are running their own photo-competition: find some more details here.

Dawn Of The Proto-Man (Reissue)
    Hard Rock rubs shoulders with Trad Doom on Ogre's reissued 2003 debut full-length.
 cdimgWolf Will Swallow The Sun
    An excellent debut album from Ukrainian Death/Doom band Endlesshade.

Wrath Monolith
    Doomed's latest magnum opus is a faultless exemplar of modern Death/Doom.
 cdimgCentralia (EP)
    Short and more doomy than Doom, Caldera nonetheless can craft effective Post-Rock-inspired soundscapes.

Magiche Arti E Oscuri Deliri
    Perhaps more super-slow Black metal than Doom, Disharmonic nonetheless create great atmosphere.
    Avant Soliloque continue to refine their unique blend of Neoclassical Black Doom.
    A substantial step up for Lucian The Wolfbearer, bringing dark ambient elements to the fore.
 cdimgBurning Water (Split with Death After Birth)
    Surrogate Prey contribute to an interesting Stoner-Sludge split from the Philippines.
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2015-06-24 : Insect Ark debut album released
'Portal/Well' out on June 8th through Autumnsongs Records
2015-06-24 : Saattue preview advance track from forthcoming third album
'Turta' from forthcoming album 'Kärsimysnäytelmä' now streaming on YouTube
2015-06-22 : Debut release from Sorrowful now on preorder
'In The Rainfall' to be released June 29th by Solitude Productions
2015-06-22 : Ataraxie debut remaster and reissue with bonus
'Slow Transcending Agony' due June 29th through Weird Truth
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