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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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This is a very underground one man project by Dave Slave as he calls himself. The music is a mixture of traditional doom with Black Sabbath riffage, fune...
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Thrice As Strong
    US trio Ogre return with a gloomy yet lively blend of old-school '70s Trad Doom, Stoner and Rock influences.
 cdimgThe Ghost of Orion
    My Dying Bride's latest full-length is perhaps their most consistent and comprehensively appealing release in nearly twenty years.

Das Nichts
    Godes Yrre's latest album is the clearest articulation of their Industrial/Gothic Doom sound to date.
 cdimgUnconquered Abysses
    The latest release from German blackened Death/Doom outfit Into Coffins is a massive, suffocatingly drawn-out exercise in despair and horror.

Cadaver Circulation
    Finland's Krypts do an excellent job of saluting classic '90s Death/Doom with their powerful latest release.
 cdimgDream Quest Ends (EP)
    A pleasant enough but rather by-the-numbers helping of Epic sword-and-sorcery Doom from Canadian band Smoulder.
cdimgWhen No Trails
    With this release, Russia's Amber Tears add to their catalogue of long, melancholic Death/Doom works.
    The latest release from UK's Elephant Tree offers a mature, polished and comparatively safe slab of Stoner Doom.
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2020-08-02 : Pariah Child talk to Tony Tears
Massive interview now posted on the Pariah Child website
2020-08-02 : New remastered compilation from The River
'Different Dirges' digi CD now available for preorder
2020-07-17 : New Dun Ringill album and lyric video
'Library Of Death' due for release on July 31st
2020-06-20 : New Ixion album announced for October 2020
29978 Productions/Finisterian Dead End to release 'L'Adieu Aux Etoiles'
2020-05-29 : New Godes Yrre album out now
'Das Nichts' released digitally
2020-05-28 : New Astral Sleep album out now on vinyl
Third full-length 'Astral Doom Musick' released by Saarni Records
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2020-08-03 : Interview with Astral Sleep
Finnish outfit Astral Sleep are back, with a new album that includes a playable board game. It piqued Comrade Aleks's interest, and band members Markus and Jiri were happy to talk about their Astral Doom Musick.
2020-07-27 : Interview with Chains
Experimental Paul Chain-inspired Slovenian outfit have spent their lockdown pushing out a fistful of new releases. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Etienne guides Comrade Aleks through the band's history and philosophy.
2020-07-17 : Interview with Dun Ringill
Though a comparatively recent band, this Swedish coalition of members of The Order Of Israfel and DoomDogs, amongst others, are about to release their second Folk-influenced Doom full-length. Comrade Aleks finds out more...
2020-06-30 : Interview with Oak (Portugal)
New band Oak saw their debut Funeral/Death/Doom album released by Transcending Obscurity at the end of 2019. Comrade Aleks went in search of drummer Pedro Soares to learn more about it...
2020-06-30 : Interview with Doomraiser
With their latest album earlier this year, Italian veterans Doomraiser offered a vision of 'The Dark Side Of Old Europa'. Vocalist/keyboardist Nicola enlightens Comrade Aleks as to what that means.
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2020-07-27 : Chains (Traditional Doom)
2020-07-17 : Dun Ringill (Traditional Doom)
2020-07-06 : Smoulder (Epic Doom)
2020-06-30 : Oak (Portugal) (Death/Doom)
2020-06-04 : GoneZilla (Gothic/Doom)
2020-06-01 : Khazad-dm (Funeral Doom)
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