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The latest Mourning Beloveth album is a phenomenal piece of purest Death/Doom.
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Stoner doom with a very heavy production, rough but clean vocals, and an emphasis on steady riffing and melodies, rather than a lot of experimentation or psyche...
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Just a reminder that we still have some of each size of the official site T-shirts available, with artwork by our very own baphomet.
If you want one, they're on sale at a cost of 12 + p&p. Full details can be found on this Forum thread.

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Welcome to one of the oldest dedicated Doom sites on the internet: we hope you'll like it here.
We are an amateur site, run by volunteers and, as such, we are always looking for new contributors to join our ranks. If you have a little time and talent to spare, and would like to be a part of the worldwide community here, please get in touch. We always need reviewers, whether able to write frequently or irregularly: it all adds up and all helps to build on the legacy and proud heritage of what we do.

If you'd like to be part of the reviewing team, or be involved in other ways with the site, simply contact us at We'll be delighted to hear from you!

An Unbroken Threnody (Compilation)
    A hell of a package: whether you're already a fan or not, you'd be foolish to miss out on My Silent Wake's first volume of memoirs.
    A heavier and more progressive approach to Death/Doom sees Somnus Aeternus's sophomore treading interesting new ground.

Alasthor (EP)
    Alasthor's slow and doomy old-school Black Metal-rooted debut has a darkly charming nature.
 cdimgOstrobothnian Witch Trials MMXIV (EP)
    Promising musically, less so vocally, Apocalypse Cult's demo release blows hot and cold.

Sadness (Remaster)
    Black Forest's only demo is an unheralded musical gem from the year 2000, truly deserving this reissue at last.
 cdimgWhen The Sky Has Lost Its Color
    A well-executed example of archetypal Death/Doom distinguishes Neverending Sadness's debut.
    Hemelbestormer convincingly blend Post-Rock, Black Metal and Sludge/Doom together in this mammoth offering.
 cdimgThe Soothsayer (EP)
    You simply cannot ignore the presence and quality found on Soothsayer's debut release.
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2016-04-28 : Chalice Of Suffering debut released
'For You I Die' out now in digital format and for CD preorder
2016-04-27 : New magazine launch - Fire Issue 1 available now.
Italian-produced English-language heavy psych/stoner/doom magazine ships worldwide.
2016-04-27 : New album from Negative Voice
'Cold, Redrafted' jointly released by BadMoodMan Music and Hypnotic Dirge Records.
2016-04-27 : New album from Quercus
'Heart With Bread' jointly released by Solitude Productions and Moscow Funeral League.
2016-04-23 : Introducing Dusty Buddha Recordings
Young Italian DIY label deals in ultra-limited Drone/Ambient/Experimental CD-Rs.
2016-04-23 : Introducing new Belarusian label Riff Dealers
New label formed to promote the Belarusian Stoner/Doom scene.
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2016-04-26 : Interview with Ancient Spell
"Ancient Spell...a Los Angeles-based band that combine classic Doom metal and aggressive Thrash elements... Well, you see it's an interesting and - let's say - original mix, so it's worthy of your attention."
2016-04-16 : Interview with Demons From The Dungeon Dimension
Quick introductory interview.
2016-04-16 : Interview with Soothsayer
Quick introductory interview.
2016-04-09 : Interview with Taak
"Taak...have returned with brand new album 'Supersargasso', and that's the reason why we got in contact with Mart to do this interview."
2016-04-09 : Interview with Pesta
"Pesta bring down the blessing of fresh but Traditional doom. Im happy to introduce you to Daniel Rocha, whos online today on behalf of the band."
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2016-04-27 : Endless Floods (Drone/Doom)
2016-04-23 : Apocalypse Cult (Sludge/Doom)
2016-04-23 : Alasthor (Black/Doom)
2016-04-16 : Neverending Sadness (Death/Doom)
2016-04-16 : Soothsayer (Atmospheric Doom)
2016-04-16 : Demons From The Dungeon Dimension (Traditional Doom)
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