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The inclusion of additional veteran musicians on Ennui's third album lifts it to a new level.
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Heavy, sluggish Doom-metal for fans of Electric Wizard. Some key words to describe Sloth would be thick, sludgy, psychadelic, crushing, filthy and...
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2016-09-20 : Interview with Magma Rise
"Magma Rise could be a new name to some of our readers, but two of its founders were members of the now-inactive first Hungarian Doom metal band, Mood, from 1993 onwards. So, be sure that these men know how to play slow and heavy..."
2016-09-18 : Interview with Lord Vicar
Lord Vicar releases don't come along that often, and when the invitation for an interview accompanied the promo for 'Gates Of Flesh' that he reviewed, Nick jumped at the chance to have a chat with Kimi.
2016-09-18 : Interview with Swampcult
"I've seen Lovecraft's legacy mangled far more frequently than it's been continued, so when Swampcult came up with a real quality musical interpretation straight from the Mythos, I wanted to find out more about the source of their many-angled visions..."
2016-09-18 : Interview with Dawn Of Winter
So, maybe you're wondering why you haven't heard anything about this band, if they've been on the scene for 25 years? The answer is simple...there are only two full-length albums in their discography. I heard they were recording new songs, and the idea to do this interview was spontaneous."
2016-09-08 : Interview with Wolf Counsel
"The release of sophomore album 'Ironclad' seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the project and ask some in-depth questions."
2016-09-07 : Interview with Pendulous
Quick introductory interview.
2016-09-06 : Interview with Soliloquium
Quick introductory interview.
2016-08-31 : Interview with Litanije Čaranja
Quick introductory interview.
2016-08-30 : Interview with The Hounds of Hasselvander
"Joe Hasselvander is a highly prolific and talented multi-instrumental musician...part of both Doom legend Pentagram and long-running Heavy Metal band Raven. I did this interview with Joe for Russian magazine InRock, and here you have the English version without any cuts."
2016-08-30 : Interview with Lord Vigo
"...is this the same mighty Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf as in the "Ghostbusters II" movie?!! This Epic Doom metal band really was named after him...that, and more shocking revelations and terrible confessions, will be found in this interview..."
2016-08-15 : Interview with Cardinal Wyrm
"Another lineup change, a new album literally at hand, and a lot of questions I wanted to ask after “Black Hole Gods”… I got in contact with Pranjal, and suddenly found that the whole band would answer this interview."
2016-08-11 : Interview with Plateau Sigma
"The band has created a majestic and, in some senses, avant-garde work with deep and nontrivial concepts appealing to ancient Roman/Greek mythology...I would have like to have had a longer interview, but it turned out to be briefer than Manuel Vicari (vocals, guitars) and I originally planned."
2016-08-10 : Interview with Blizaro
"This brief conversation with John Gallo, master of paranormal Doom rock, will reveal the secrets of Blizaro."
2016-08-10 : Interview with Hound
"This psychedelic Stoner Doom band was born in Rome about a year ago...Their self-released debut 'Kong' didn't leave my player for months, so this interview is something that I just had to do."
2016-08-10 : Interview with Monasterium
"...now my holy mission is to find the truth that lies beyond the gates of Monasterium: follow me to sancta sanctorum!"

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