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With its immersive atmosphere and attention to detail, the long-awaited new Tyranny opus proves that Funeral Doom still has something to say.
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2016-02-01 : Interview with Forever Autumn
"Winter, ironically, rather than Autumn...seemed absolutely the right time to find out more about band founder Autumn Ni Dubhghaill's times and spaces and future plans, and she was happy to share some of those with us."
2016-02-01 : Interview with Abysmal Growls Of Despair
"Following on from the most recent AGoD release, 'Between My Dead', alongside a number of collaborations, splits and - of course - several solo releases, it seemed an ideal moment to find out a little more about the man behind so many different ventures."
2016-02-01 : Interview with Tony Tears
"Tony Tears is an Italian experimental project which was started as a sort of diary in 1988...Finally, this interview is the result of our séance with Tony himself."
2016-01-18 : Interview with Funerary Descent
Quick introductory interview.
2016-01-17 : Interview with Frustration
Quick introductory interview.
2016-01-11 : Interview with Khemmis
"This Denver-based band has surprised a lot of doom heads with a fresh, powerful and deadly effective combination of Epic doom metal and avalanche-like sludgy riffs..."
2016-01-10 : Interview with Spiritus Mortis
"...there has been no news from them since a split-release with Pale Divine in 2011...but here we have a fresh interview with Teemu and Jussi to talk about Spiritus Mortis..."
2016-01-10 : Interview with Corman
"...could you imagine that there's a band in Portugal which is so influenced by Corman's movie legacy that it is even named after him? So let me introduce the band Corman..."
2016-01-08 : Interview with Ksyatriya
2015 saw the release of Ksyatriya's well-featured full-length debut. It seemed like a great time to talk to the brothers Trada about their band, and since Trishay is a reviewer here, tracking him down wasn't too hard...
2015-12-29 : Interview with Lyijykomppania
"...after 34 years, there're five full lengths in the band's discography, and only one last member of the original lineup...So, do you want to know more about this dark horse?"
2015-12-29 : Interview with Northwinds
"It's strange, but French band Northwinds isn't well known, even though they've existed since the '80s..."
2015-12-29 : Interview with Candlemass
Comrade Aleks grabs some quick-fire responses, in a break between recording sessions, from Candlemass vocalist Mats Levén.
2015-12-13 : Interview with Ningen Isu
"...Ningen Isu has existed since 1987, and something makes me think that this band really deserves more exposure with it's unique and passionate approach to heavy music."
2015-12-11 : Interview with Magister Templi
"...Magister Templi have something ceremonial and triumphant in their music. Abraxas d'Ruckus, Magister Templi preacher, has answered a few of my questions during this séance."
2015-12-06 : Interview with Strange Here
Strange Here is the follow on from ex-Paul Chain bassist Alexander Scardavian's self-titled band's 2002 debut, 'Strange Here?'. Comrade Aleks spoke to Domenico Lotito, the other half of this new duo, about the project...

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