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Zaum produce an ambitious and sometimes exhilarating journey of contemplation, mysticism and slow, sludgy, droning metal.
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This band plays melancolic doom/death in the vain of Anathema. Occational high speed sections can be heard, but the music is mostly mid-paced....
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2014-06-22 : Interview with Sluagh
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-13 : Interview with Hemelbestormer
Belgian instrumental collective Hemelbestormer offer a combination of Atmospheric Sludge/Doom/Post-Rock sometimes billed as 'Post-Doom'. Following their debut split album release, we asked drummer Frederik Cosemans to tell us about their story so far.
2014-06-10 : Interview with Skepticism
Finnish Funeral Doom legends Skepticism have been out on tour and working towards their first album release in six years. It seemed like the ideal time for Doom-metal.com to catch up with guitarist Jani Kekarainen and put some in-depth questions to him.
2014-06-09 : Interview with Hirsute
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-09 : Interview with The House
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-06 : Interview with Ksyatriya
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-01 : Interview with Black Priest
Quick introductory interview.
2014-05-24 : Interview with Frailty
Frailty are one of the more interesting and eclectic Death/Doom bands of recent years, but have been keeping a low profile since 2012's 'Melpomene'. We took the opportunity of meeting up with guitarist Edmunds Vizla in the band's native Latvia to catch up on recent history, rumours of a new album and the state of the Baltic Doom scene.
2014-05-24 : Interview with Maur
Quick introductory interview.
2014-05-17 : Interview with Dwell
Quick introductory interview.
2014-05-15 : Interview with Ennoea
Quick introductory interview.
2014-05-09 : Interview with Reclvse
Quick introductory interview.
2014-05-04 : Interview with Laughing Reaper
Quick introductory interview.
2014-04-27 : Interview with Torrentiallanguor
Quick introductory interview.
2014-03-28 : Interview with CemeteriuM
Quick introductory interview.

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