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At last, Belgium's Monads back up their impressive demo with an improved-in-every-way debut.
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Solo project producing aggressively lo-fi, drum-heavy music based heavily around old-school Black Metal influences, giving a very raw Black/Doom hybrid. No furt...
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2018-02-11 : Interview with Hooded Priest
With second album 'The Hour Be None' recently out, Mike enjoyed an in-depth and informative chat with Hooded Priest's Luce and J-Maze about the band.
2018-02-04 : Interview with Ocean Of Grief
As Ocean Of Grief just unveiled their debut full-length album, Comrade Aleks spoke to guitarist Filippos about how the band is building on their melodic Death/Doom sound.
2018-02-04 : Interview with HellLight
On the eve of their European tour, HellLight founder Fabio took some time out to talk to Comrade Aleks about the band's hstory of 20 years and more of Brazilian Funeral Doom.
2018-02-04 : Interview with Plague Of Carcosa
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-31 : Interview with Hamfer­
With the release of sophomore full-length 'Tßmsins likam' this month, Comrade Aleks went in search of Faroese band Hamfer­ to get the story on it.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Morgion
20 years on from the release of their seminal 'Among Majestic Ruins', Comrade Aleks talks to founder member Jeremy Peto about the history of Morgion.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Fašade
Last year's debut full-length from Fašade intrigued Comrade Aleks, so he chased up vocalist Ben and bassist Pim to have a more in-depth chat about the band.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Mournspire
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Ironic Punishment Division
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Decomposed (Canada)
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-09 : Interview with Monolithe
Comrade Aleks talks to band founder Sylvain BÚgot about Monolithe's history, plans, and the forthcoming new album 'Nebula Septem'...
2017-12-26 : Interview with Esoteric
The unexpected news that Esoteric have finally decided to re-release the long-unavailable 1993 demo meant that we felt we should have an in-depth chat with Greg about its significance to the band...
2017-12-25 : Interview with As Autumn Calls
Ontario band As Autumn Calls have just released an EP, their first venture since 2013's 'Cold, Black & Everlasting'. Comrade Aleks took the opportunity to catch up with them.
2017-12-25 : Interview with Lorelei
Comrade Aleks talks to band founder Alexey Ignatovich about Lorelei's history and direction, and the distinctions between Death/Doom and Gothic Doom...
2017-12-25 : Interview with Calliophis
After Calliophis reformed in 2015, they produced the 2017 sophomore album 'Cor Serpentis. Not groundbreaking, but well-executed, Comrade Aleks liked it enough to go in search of the band.

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