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Simple, stylish, confident, accomplished… Excruciation's latest album doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too.
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Cethegus (while being a Roman family name) sounds like some sort of vile plague both in name and in music. The dysrhythmic and slightly industrial noise ...
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2014-08-25 : Interview with Whispering Shadows
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-25 : Interview with Dysphorian Breed
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-25 : Interview with Gévaudan
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-24 : Interview with Dead Injun
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-24 : Interview with Bleak Revelation
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-18 : Interview with Woe Unto Me
Belarusian Death/Doom band Woe Unto Me released their debut album this year, to critical acclaim. We took the opportunity to get acquainted with them in more detail: in the interview seats are Olga Apisheva (keyboards), Ivan Skrundevskiy (bass), Dzmitry Shchyhlinski (guitars) and Artyom Serdyuk (guitars, growls).
2014-08-17 : Interview with Acid Dream
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-17 : Interview with Wardenclyffe
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-07 : Interview with Clouds Taste Satanic
Quick introductory interview.
2014-08-05 : Interview with The Black
Italian Trad/Epic Doom band The Black have now been around for over 25 years. To mark the occasion, our colleague Aleks from MetalLibrary.ru spoke with founder member and main creative force Mario "The Black" Di Donato.
2014-08-02 : Interview with Slow (USA)
Quick introductory interview.
2014-07-27 : Interview with Frown
Quick introductory interview.
2014-07-24 : Interview with Dartropia
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-22 : Interview with Sluagh
Quick introductory interview.
2014-06-13 : Interview with Hemelbestormer
Belgian instrumental collective Hemelbestormer offer a combination of Atmospheric Sludge/Doom/Post-Rock sometimes billed as 'Post-Doom'. Following their debut split album release, we asked drummer Frederik Cosemans to tell us about their story so far.

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