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Stijn van Cauter returns with a perfect package of cosmically-influenced Ambient Funeral Doom.
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This website, dedicated to Doom in all its guises, and run on a purely volunteer and amateur basis.

In 2016, the site decided to coordinate and release...
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2019-07-12 : Interview with Throes
Quick introductory interview
2019-07-12 : Interview with Et Mors
Quick introductory interview.
2019-06-30 : Interview with Carcolh
Having risen from the ashes of promising-sounding French band Marble Chariot, Carcolh's debut was released last year. Comrade Aleks sets out to find a bit more about Doom in Bordeaux...
2019-06-30 : Interview with Godthrymm
A band featuring MDB stalwarts Hamish and Shaun, exploring music based more on their various stints with Solstice - that has to be an interesting prospect, right? Comrade Aleks certainly thinks so.
2019-06-30 : Interview with Nuctemeron
You won't find much about them on the web, or as a legacy: early US Death/Doom band Nuctemeron only made a single album. Founder Ari gives Comrade Aleks chapter and verse on how it was back in the '90s.
2019-06-30 : Interview with While Heaven Wept
You know While Heaven Wept, of course, and that they've been quiet since 2014's 'Suspended At Aphelion'. Founder Tom Phillips talks to Comrade Aleks about all of that, and much, much more...
2019-06-20 : Interview with Who Dies In Siberian Slush
Who Dies In Siberian Slush have been around since 2003, but here Comrade Aleks catches up with founder E.S. to talk about their more recent history and latest line-ups.
2019-06-19 : Interview with Decemberance
Comrade Aleks tracks down Decemberance, and asks why 20+ years of releases have only produced a couple of full-length albums. Founder drummer/vocalist Yiannis offers answers to that...
2019-06-18 : Interview with Mother Eel
Quick introductory interview.
2019-06-05 : Interview with Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
We were invited to take a look behind the scenes as Welsh band Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard launch the third of their full-length albums and support it with a series of spring/summer shows, so we took the opportunity to have this chat with guitarist and co-founder Paul Michael Davies.
2019-05-06 : Interview with Unus Mundus
Quick introductory interview.
2019-05-05 : Interview with Towards
Quick introductory interview.
2019-05-05 : Interview with Loathing
Quick introductory interview
2019-04-10 : Interview with Kronic
Quick introductory interview.
2019-04-08 : Interview with Cleef
Quick introductory interview.

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