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A long time coming, Vestige Of Virtue's debut has matured into a bittersweet poignancy that has a sound entirely its own.
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The band combines dark and heavy Death Doom with symphonic elements. The brooding and somewhat solemn atmosphere is created through the use of violin, piano, an...
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2014-10-25 : Interview with Narrow House
September's Album of the Month was Narrow House's sophomore, and very different, 'Thanathonaut'. We had a long chat with sole remaining original band member Yegor Bewitched about the way the band and album evolved.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Lonesome October
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Hypnochron
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Presumption
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Hell Muņeco
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-11 : Interview with Nagaarum
Eclectic Hungarian solo project Nagaarum has a prolific output, some of which crosses into Doom territory. Following release of the doomy 'Rabies Lyssa', we wanted to find out a little more about this experimentalism.
2014-10-11 : Interview with Vestige Of Virtue
Debut release 'Sophia' took our October album of the month award: it seemed like the ideal moment to speak with Vestige Of Virtue about the band, the album and their ongoing plans.
2014-10-01 : Interview with Mourning Pyre
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-25 : Interview with Excruciation
Three decades in the business is a long time, even with an unforeseen break accounting for some of it. Coinciding with the release of recent album of the month [g]host, and on the eve of their 30th birthday show, we had an in-depth chat with Swiss veterans Excruciation.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Vacant Eyes
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Rest Thy Head
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Aeurtum
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-14 : Interview with Electric Wizard
As summer ends, it's time for one of the most appreciated bands in the genre to wake from slumber. Having strongly divided the scene with precedent releases 'Black Masses' and 'Legalize Drugs And Murder', what have Electric Wizard in store this time? Mastermind Jus Oborn tells us what happens when it's 'Time To Die'.
2014-09-07 : Interview with Norilsk
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-01 : Interview with Orphans Of Dusk
Quick introductory interview.

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