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Paul Chain started out in the horror-shock band Death SS in 1977, a band that combined (doomish) metal and theatrics. In 1979 he formed Paul Ch...
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2015-10-06 : Interview with Oyabun
"So, here's an epitaph for Oyabun written by it's own former creator".
2015-10-04 : Interview with Forsaken Peddlers
"French Doom band Forsaken Peddlers was born from the ashes of Doom/Death outfit Fatum Elisum...with influences from not only Traditional Doom bands but also from Viking-period Bathory songs..."
2015-09-12 : Interview with Worship
A new Worship album is already well in the can and shortly to be announced for preorders. The band is something of a different prospect from the near-solo project that produced 2012's 'Terranean Wake'. Our very own Madness spoke to Daniel "The Doommonger" Pharos about how things stand here and now.
2015-09-12 : Interview with Ophis
Following on from Ophis' third album 'Abhorrence in Opulence' in 2014, the band played Russia for the first time this year, and are now touring in Europe again. When Madness met up with founder member vocalist/guitarist Phil in Moscow, it seemed like a good opportunity to ask a few questions...
2015-09-12 : Interview with Lockersludge
Quick introductory interview.
2015-09-11 : Interview with Bevar Sea
"...Bevar Sea returns to us after three years of meditation and rehearsals with a brand new album 'Invoke The Bizarre' (cool art-work included) and a new super sound. Srikanth Panaman (guitars) is here to share details of this release".
2015-09-11 : Interview with Witching Altar
"How many Doom bands from Brazil do you know? I bet that there will be enough fingers on both your hands to count 'em all. So here's a rare beast in the Doom underground: welcome to Witching Altar from Recife, Pernambuco!..."
2015-09-10 : Interview with Path Of Dying Shadows
Quick introductory interview.
2015-09-10 : Interview with Phased
Quick introductory interview.
2015-09-08 : Interview with The Unknown
Quick introductory interview.
2015-09-06 : Interview with Spacement
Quick introductory interview.
2015-09-03 : Interview with Night Gaunt
With Rome-based Night Gaunt's 2014 debut album now finding a label and a physical release through Bloodrock Records, Comrade Aleks went to find out more about the band.
2015-08-30 : Interview with Doomed
Doomed have been going from strength to strength in the four years since the band began, and with fourth release 'Wrath Monolith' currently occupying our Album of the Month slot, we thought it a great time to have a chat with project mastermind Pierre Laube.
2015-08-28 : Interview with Misty Morning
"It's easy to remember Italian band Misty Morning. Yes, the frame of their music is built of Doom and Stoner, but they also have Progressive and Psychedelic influences in their sound, they have a bunch of remarkable tunes and sheer killer songs..."
2015-08-23 : Interview with Serpents Eve
Quick introductory interview.

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