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Apneica's debut excels at showing both fragility and strength within their complex music.
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Female-fronted suffocating Stoner Doom....
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2014-11-14 : Interview with Mekigah
On the eve of Mekigah's third release, 'Litost', we took the opportunity to find out a bit more about the eclectic Australian band. Sole remaining founder member Vis Ortis was kind enough to indulge our curiosity, in detail...
2014-11-06 : Interview with Conviction
Quick introductory interview.
2014-11-01 : Interview with Forever Autumn
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-25 : Interview with Narrow House
September's Album of the Month was Narrow House's sophomore, and very different, 'Thanathonaut'. We had a long chat with sole remaining original band member Yegor Bewitched about the way the band and album evolved.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Lonesome October
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Hypnochron
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Presumption
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-19 : Interview with Hell Muñeco
Quick introductory interview.
2014-10-11 : Interview with Nagaarum
Eclectic Hungarian solo project Nagaarum has a prolific output, some of which crosses into Doom territory. Following release of the doomy 'Rabies Lyssa', we wanted to find out a little more about this experimentalism.
2014-10-11 : Interview with Vestige Of Virtue
Debut release 'Sophia' took our October album of the month award: it seemed like the ideal moment to speak with Vestige Of Virtue about the band, the album and their ongoing plans.
2014-10-01 : Interview with Mourning Pyre
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-25 : Interview with Excruciation
Three decades in the business is a long time, even with an unforeseen break accounting for some of it. Coinciding with the release of recent album of the month [g]host, and on the eve of their 30th birthday show, we had an in-depth chat with Swiss veterans Excruciation.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Vacant Eyes
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Rest Thy Head
Quick introductory interview.
2014-09-16 : Interview with Aeurtum
Quick introductory interview.

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