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Who Dies In Siberian Slush follow up the reworking of their debut with another essential, and essentially Russian, full-length album.
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A new addition to the roster of Solitude Productions, Self-Hatred brings menacing, slightly melodic, yet utterly gut-wrenching Death/Doom Metal to the ta...
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2019-02-25 : Interview with Evangelist
Secretive Polish Epic/Trad band Evangelist like to remain anonymous and let their music speak for them. Comrade Aleks puts that in the context of latest release 'Deus Vult'.
2019-02-16 : Interview with Sidetrack Walker
If you're curious as to why a band labelling itself 'Underdog Pop for the faint of heart' should appear on these pages, the answers are in this interview with band founder and doom-metal.com staffer Dominik.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Imago Mortis
You never stop learning, as Comrade Aleks found while discovering Imago Mortis through their latest album 'LSD'. Vocalist Alex and drummer Felipe fill him in with some more detail.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Gods Tower
Dating back to 1992, Belarusian Pagan/Folk/Doom outfit disbanded for most of the '00s. Comrade Aleks talks to co-founder, vocalist Lesley Knife, about the band's history and future.
2019-01-28 : Interview with Hadron
Quick introductory interview.
2019-01-22 : Interview with Godes Yrre
Cuban-turned-Swiss solo project Godes Yrre has far more of a history than its demo plus two albums back catalogue might suggest. Founder Abel Oliva was kind enough to give us all the details in this detailed interview...
2019-01-03 : Interview with Rise And Shine
Swedish Doomsters Rise And Shine have been rocking their female-fronted "flowerpowermetal" Trad sound since 1993 - here, Comrade Aleks takes a dive into their lengthy history with founders Joakim and Josabeth.
2019-01-03 : Interview with Comatose Vigil A.K.
Comatose Vigil is no more, but co-founder A.K. iEzor decided to continue the concept with this semi-resurrection. Comrade Aleks talks to him about what it's all about...
2019-01-03 : Interview with Beneath Oblivion
Funeral-paced Sludge/Doom band Beneath Oblivion have already had a 15-year career, resulting in three full-length albums, the latest coming out in 2018. Time for Comrade Aleks to take a deeper look into their history...
2018-12-16 : Interview with Shape Of Despair
More a personal interview with Natalie Koskinen than a full Shape Of Despair piece, nonetheless we have to file it somewhere, and it might as well be under the most famous of her many projects.
2018-12-16 : Interview with Mirror Of Deception
One of the earliest of German Trad Doom bands, with a career spanning almost three decades, Mirror Of Deception have just released their fifth full-length album. Comrade Aleks finds out more...
2018-12-16 : Interview with Father Merrin
French Trad band Father Merrin have finally followed up their 2014 EP with three new tracks on a split release. Comrade Aleks wonders just how motivated they are, and drummer S. explains...
2018-12-02 : Interview with Legionem
Comparatively new Doom band Legionem shares members with much older Dark act Focus Indulgens. Comrade Aleks discusses both with vocalist/bassist Magister Notte VIII.
2018-12-02 : Interview with Sorrow
Early US Death/Doom band Sorrow began as Apparition and had a brief career spanning the late '80s/early '90s. Guitarist Brett and drummer Mike relive that history with Comrade Aleks.
2018-12-01 : Interview with Mansion
Mansion: they're not an easy band, by any means. Here's their terse but effective counter to our attempts to draw them out. Maybe you just need to accept you're gonna burn, baby, burn, and it isn't just going to be a Disco Inferno...

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