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Canterbury's Famyne do an excellent job of blending their disparate influences into a consistent debut full-length album.
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This one-man project led by Deimos (Dmitry Gubsky) can be best described as Dark Metal. Not the genuine version of the said genre but rather its more modern twi...
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2018-07-18 : Interview with Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf
These days, veteran Speed/Thrash musician Tommy Stewart (originally of '80s pioneers Hallows Eve) seems more intent on exploring the boundaries of Doom, with his Bludy Gyres and Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf projects - and here he explains their similarities, differences and much more besides to Comrade Aleks.
2018-07-15 : Interview with Marche Funèbre
As 2018 is their ten-year anniversary, and Belgian Death/Doom band Marche Funèbre are celebrating it with a number of different events, we thought it'd be nice to make a proper interview of it rather than just publish a list of news...
2018-07-14 : Interview with Mistress Of The Dead
Czech solo project Mistress Of The Dead is not one of those of those bands which seeks publicity. You'll find very little about them anywhere on the internet or on albums you may own. Which is why, in the year that GSP re-release their entire back catalogue, we are extremely grateful to band founder Vlad C. for giving us this exclusive look into the band's history and motives.
2018-07-09 : Interview with Peaceville Records (Label)
Comrade Aleks talks with Peaceville founder Paul "Hammy" Halshaw about his twenty years running the label, and his autobiographical 2016 'Peaceville Life' book (now just about to be republished in expanded form) describing it...
2018-07-09 : Interview with Spina Bifida
In this brief piece, Comrade Aleks catches up with early '90s Dutch Death/Doom band Spina Bifida, who reformed in 2010 after a long hiatus, in an attempt to find out a little more about their mostly obscure career.
2018-07-09 : Interview with AraPacis
Quick introductory interview.
2018-07-04 : Interview with Lucifer's Fall
With a third full-length on the way, and a host of other releases in just five years behind them, Comrade Aleks decided to investigate Lucifer's Fall further - and find out more about frontman Phil Howlett's other bands and projects along the way.
2018-07-02 : Interview with Zatokrev
With the band celebrating their fifteen-year anniversary, and the remaster of their original demo/debut now launched on vinyl, it seemed like a great moment to talk about all that with Zatokrev founder Fredy Rotter.
2018-07-02 : Interview with Hela
We caught up with Alicante-based Hela for an in-depth chat about their history, their 2017 sophomore release, and their recent return to a line-up of the founding trio of members.
2018-06-19 : Interview with Green Druid
Green Druid arrived somewhat unheralded with an exciting take on modern Stoner Doom in the shape of their 'Ashen Blood' debut - this is where we find out more about the band and their history.
2018-06-19 : Interview with Black Moth
With the release of latest album 'Anatomical Venus', Black Moth have seriously cemented their place in the Stoner Doom canon. We talked to the band about everything that went into this latest release...
2018-06-13 : Interview with Gloomthread
Quick Introductory Interview
2018-06-13 : Interview with DIONYSIAQUE
Quick Introductory Interview.
2018-06-12 : Interview with Walpurgis
Quick Introductory Interview
2018-06-12 : Interview with Satori Junk
Quick Introductory Interview

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