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Russian unit Crust's third self-release successfully mixes both old-school and new Sludge/Noise/Post-Core.
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A solo project from Mexico City "conceived as a manifesto against the plague of man", Incongruous play raw, rough and quite high-tempo Death/Doom. It has...
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2017-08-01 : Interview with Lying Figures
Sometime Gothic-tinged French Death/Doom band Lying Figures recently released their debut full-length album - we thought we'd follow up our review of it with more of a look at the band's history and development.
2017-07-27 : Interview with GOURD
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-24 : Interview with Silentio Mortis
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-23 : Interview with Drowned Ten
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-14 : Interview with Devil's Witches
Devil's Witches aren't willing to relinquish their anonymity, but they are prepared to explain why that is, and what the band is really about...
2017-07-11 : Interview with Talsur
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-11 : Interview with Sulphur Dreams
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-10 : Interview with Sacruotosus
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-10 : Interview with Dirty Grave
Quick introductory interview.
2017-07-10 : Interview with The Seeds Of Datura
Quick introductory interview.
2017-06-30 : Interview with Vin de Mia Trix
Welcome back to Vin de Mia Trix: they haven't been idle while working on inspired sophomore full-length 'Palimpsests', so we thought we'd catch up on what's been happening over the past few years.
2017-06-29 : Interview with Czar Of Crickets Productions
The launch of the new Czar Shop venture was an ideal moment to talk to Zatokrev frontman Fredy about his long-standing and dedicated support for the Swiss underground scene...
2017-06-25 : Interview with Estatic Fear
Not truly an interview, this is actually an extended biography of the Austrian symphonic Doom band Estatic Fear as assembled by the Russian group Shadow Suite from various sources including personal correspondences.
2017-06-25 : Interview with Shadow Suite
Introductory band interview.
2017-06-17 : Interview with Desolate Pathway
Having just signed to WormHoleDeath to have their second full-length released (and debut re-released), Desolate Pathway's founders Vince and Mags were happy to talk to Comrade Aleks about their style of Epic Doom.

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