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Monolithe take a somewhat quirkier and experimental approach, with excellent results.
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Four-piece Welsh band with a Traditional Doom attitude influenced by the usual classic suspects, but adopting a very bass-heavy and distorted sound behind clean...
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2018-02-25 : Interview with The Bloody Earth
Quick introductory interview.
2018-02-25 : Interview with Herßldica de Mandrake
Quick introductory interview.
2018-02-21 : Interview with Visceral Evisceration
Rumours of a re-release of early '90s Grindcore/Doom pioneers Visceral Evisceration demo works reached Comrade Aleks, so he tracked down band founder Hannes to find out how true they were.
2018-02-20 : Interview with Iron Monkey
Nearly 20 years on from their abrupt dissolution, cult Sludge pioneers Iron Monkey returned from oblivion. Mike talked to guitarist/vocalist Jim about the Monkey resurrection, and life after JPM.
2018-02-20 : Interview with Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard are, of course, big enough news in the Doom world that any new release gets press interest. We're no exception, so here's a brief chat with Jus Oborn about 'Wizard Bloody Wizard'...
2018-02-20 : Interview with Elliott's Keep
Having clocked up over a decade of their particular Doom/Thrash combination, and with fourth album 'Lacrimae Mundi' now out, Comrade Aleks thought it was time to catch up with Elliott's Keep and see how things were going.
2018-02-11 : Interview with Hooded Priest
With second album 'The Hour Be None' recently out, Mike enjoyed an in-depth and informative chat with Hooded Priest's Luce and J-Maze about the band.
2018-02-04 : Interview with Ocean Of Grief
As Ocean Of Grief just unveiled their debut full-length album, Comrade Aleks spoke to guitarist Filippos about how the band is building on their melodic Death/Doom sound.
2018-02-04 : Interview with HellLight
On the eve of their European tour, HellLight founder Fabio took some time out to talk to Comrade Aleks about the band's hstory of 20 years and more of Brazilian Funeral Doom.
2018-02-04 : Interview with Plague Of Carcosa
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-31 : Interview with Hamfer­
With the release of sophomore full-length 'Tßmsins likam' this month, Comrade Aleks went in search of Faroese band Hamfer­ to get the story on it.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Morgion
20 years on from the release of their seminal 'Among Majestic Ruins', Comrade Aleks talks to founder member Jeremy Peto about the history of Morgion.
2018-01-29 : Interview with Fašade
Last year's debut full-length from Fašade intrigued Comrade Aleks, so he chased up vocalist Ben and bassist Pim to have a more in-depth chat about the band.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Mournspire
Quick introductory interview.
2018-01-14 : Interview with Ironic Punishment Division
Quick introductory interview.

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