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At last, Belgium's Monads back up their impressive demo with an improved-in-every-way debut.
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A duo formed by Ray from Wreck of the Hesperus and Hick from On Pain of Death, GOURD shares some of the characteristics of both bands, but ...
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2017-12-09 : Interview with Mountaris
Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-09 : Interview with Transylvania Stud
Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-05 : Interview with Kalmo
Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-04 : Interview with Moonskin
Quick introductory interview.
2017-12-03 : Interview with Echolot
Swiss Prog/Psych Doom band Echolot recently released their sophomore full-length: Comrade Aleks sought the band out to learn a little more about what makes them tick.
2017-12-03 : Interview with Old Night
Croatian band Old Night's melodic, atmospheric debut 'Pale Cold Irrelevance' was released this year, prompting Comrade Aleks to track down founder Luka Petrović for a chat.
2017-12-02 : Interview with Process Of Guilt
Having moved from Death/Doom beginnings to a more Sludge/Doom approach, Portugal's Process Of Guilt have just released their fourth full-length. Comrade Aleks talks to founder Hugo Santos about the band's 15-year history.
2017-11-20 : Interview with Odradek Room
Ukrainian band Odradek Room's sophomore release moved even further into prog realms than the debut. Comrade Aleks wanted to catch up with the band and find out more.
2017-11-14 : Interview with Marchafunebre
With Marchafunebre's first EP only released this year, you may not have heard of this Chilean outfit before. Founder Fernando Opazo talks to Comrade Aleks about the band's 7-year history.
2017-11-10 : Interview with Norilsk
Canada's Norilsk are just about to launch their third release, the sophomore full-length 'Le Passage Des Glaciers'. Comrade Aleks wanted to find out how that continues the cold journey begun with 'The Idea Of North'.
2017-11-07 : Interview with Apocalypse Orchestra
Comrade Aleks talks to Erik Larssen, co-founder of the Medieval/Folk/Doom band Apocalypse Orchestra about how they decided, and proceeded, to blend those disparate elements.
2017-10-17 : Interview with Motherslug
Quick introductory interview.
2017-10-07 : Interview with OHHMS
Following their latest release, 'The Fool', OHHMS were kind enough to treat us to a complete, frank and in-depth look at the band's story and history...
2017-10-07 : Interview with Faustian Slip
Quick introductory interview.
2017-09-24 : Interview with Blessed Realm
Following the re-release of Blessed Realm's demos via the 'Doomography' compilation, Matt talks to founder and vocalist Kat about the band's history, attitude and abrupt disbanding.

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