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Thou's latest full-length release simply cements their status as Doom royalty, delivering their dynamic vision across a huge spread of top-tier music.
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One-man project from Toronto, working in a minimalist Funeral Doom palette. The debut, self-released album consists of slow, bleakly depressive, raw lo-fi works...
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2018-10-30 : Interview with Las Cruces
With a quarter-century of history (albeit one with long gaps...) behind them, Las Cruces are close to completing their fourth album. Guitarist George Trevino gives Aleks a brief tour of the Texan band's current status.
2018-10-30 : Interview with Forest Of Shadows
The unexpected news that Forest Of Shadows have a new album almost ready to release was more than enough reason for Comrade Aleks to get in touch with project mastermind Niclas Frohagen to find out more...
2018-10-24 : Interview with Cybernetic Witch Cult
We caught up with Cornwall's Cybernetic Witch Cult at the recent HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner III Festival, so here's the result of a chat with the band and a brief live review of their set.
2018-10-24 : Interview with Stoned Jesus
We caught up with Ukrainian band Stoned Jesus at the recent HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner III Festival, so here's the result of a chat with band founder Igor, and a brief live review of their set.
2018-10-24 : Interview with Gévaudan
Gévaudan originally invited us to the recent HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner III Festival, so while we were there, it seemed a great time for an impromptu chat, and a brief (and overdue) look at their live set.
2018-10-17 : Interview with My Dying Bride
By now, you've probably seen the good news from My Dying Bride - well, just before that came out, I was lucky enough to get to talk to Aaron regarding a separate project. But since that overlapped heavily with what's going on in the MDB camp, we thought we'd better share some of it with you now...
2018-09-23 : Interview with Avernus
Legendary US Death/Doom band Avernus are back on the circuit (again), and even threatening some new recorded material by the end of the year. Band mainstay Rick McCoy talks to Michael about that, and more...
2018-09-23 : Interview with Paramaecium
Though long-disbanded, Australia's Paramaecium produced some classic '90s Death/Doom albums. Comrade Aleks sets out to exhume their earthy history, with the invaluable assistance of founder Andrew Tompkins.
2018-09-23 : Interview with Ennui
Following the release of their fourth full-length album, 'End Of The Circle', Comrade Aleks seeks out Georgian duo Ennui to find out more about the band. Vocalist and co-instrumentalist David Unsaved answers his questions.
2018-09-20 : Interview with Pantheist
This huge, in-depth guest interview with Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, et al, and former doom-metal.com mainstay!) is republished here by request, and with kind permission, from LAMUERTETENÍAUNBLOG.
2018-09-17 : Interview with Dark Matter
Quick introductory interview.
2018-09-17 : Interview with Cianide
Shifting from Doom to Death and back over the course of their long career, '80s Chicago veterans Cianide have been quiet for a while. Comrade Aleks talks to co-founder Mike Perun about the band's history, and future plans.
2018-08-29 : Interview with The Knell
With a long and somewhat turbulent history behind them, Israeli Death/Doom band The Knell have been dormant since relocating to Chile. Comrade Aleks investigates their status, with the invaluable assistance of founder Alec Zalogin.
2018-08-29 : Interview with Sons Of Alpha Centauri
Quick introductory interview.
2018-08-27 : Interview with Woebegone Obscured
Following the release of their powerful third album 'The Forestroamer', we caught up with Danish band Woebegone Obscured for an in-depth and candid chat.

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