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After Germany's The Oath folded, vocalist Johanna Sadonis put together Lucifer. Comrade Aleks was curious about whether the radical line-up changes earlier this year would affect recording their sophomore album.

Interview with Lucifer.
"Lucifer was born in 2014, shortly after the disbanding of German heavy Doom rock band The Oath. It's the brainchild of Johanna Platow Sadonis, who has spent an awful lot of time singing in heavy bands since the '90s. Lucifer's debut, named simply 'Lucifer I', was recorded with the help of Gaz Jennings of Cathedral and released through Rise Above Records, which almost guaranteed the record cult status. The album is an amazing collection of eight songs united by dark spiritual themes and catchy, vintage-style Doom metal/Doom rock. Each song is a flawless epitome of Doom, in one way or another. The instrumental parts are just gorgeous, as are Johanna's vocals: she sings like a mythical siren. Seriously, her vocals are strong and charismatic, it's real rock, and I wonder why don't you hear it on every radio station around! I don't know why I'm telling you this, as I bet that you already know everything about Lucifer… However, there were serious line-up changes in the band two months ago, so I asked Johanna a few questions about Lucifer's current status."

Answering today's questions: Johanna Platow Sadonis. Photo: Chiara Mazzocchi.

Hi Johanna! How are you? What is the current status of Lucifer?

Pleased to meet you! Nicke, Robin and I are currently working on the second album in Sweden.

The line-up changed a few months ago: Gaz and Andrew left the band, and Nicke Andersson is on board. How have you planned your touring schedule and studio sessions, considering this?

Yes, I am extremely excited about working with Nicke! At the moment we are really focusing on writing and recording. We plan on taking this on the road once the new album is released later this year sometime.

How much of Gaz and Andrew were in 'Lucifer I'?

We recorded an album together, which Gaz and I wrote and it was a truly great time together that I wouldn't want to miss and that I am very grateful for. However I consider myself quite a strong pillar of the band. After all Lucifer was my brainchild.

New drummer Nicke Andersson.

You already booked the studio for March: how tight is your working schedule there?

Not very tight. Nicke has his own studio so we are pretty flexible. We are not recording the album all in one. The recordings are spread out over several sessions. In fact I'm sitting on the plane back from Stockholm right now. We just recorded another few songs this weekend.

What would you like to put into the next Lucifer album? Will it be 'Lucifer II', or will you allow yourself some little experiments?

It will be called Lucifer II. However, I think Lucifer is certainly evolving quite a bit with the new material. There will be a stronger focus on the Heavy Rock side of Lucifer, which really has been on my agenda for quite some time. And it is whats's lying closest to Nicke's, Robin's and my heart! We are onto something and I am super excited for this album.

Lucifer - 'Izrael':

I'd like to ask you few questions also about your background - some of our readers probably know about The Oath. But before that you sang in a couple of heavy bands: how did you get involved in heavy music?

Yes it's true, I did start out singing in various underground Death and Black Metal bands in the 90s as a teenager. I got into heavy music when I was 13. It was a natural attraction.

What were your primal intentions when The Oath was found? What did you want to express through the first album?

I wanted a band I myself haven't heard before but that I was longing for, a classic. Did it work?

I believe that, yes – it worked. It's said that The Oath's lyrical topics were "Death, Doom, Dreams, Drugs". Would you agree with that?

Yes. They were partly.

Guitarist Robin Tidebrink.

How did it happen that you suddenly switched from The Oath to Lucifer?

It's an old story for me. The Oath died and everyone moved on to new things.

How much of The Oath do you see in Lucifer? The band had (and has) another line-up besides you but both are heavy, doom and rock, and you sing there as well.

Well, drummer Andy Prestidge played in both bands by the way. Even though there might be a musical connection on different levels, for me they are two different bands. I love both bands each in their own way but I'm NOT thinking of The Oath when I do Lucifer stuff. The Oath was rougher, with more of a Motörhead and NWOBHM influence, while Lucifer was leaning stronger towards the Doom side of things on the first album. Now this is about to change once again with the new material as we will dig way, way deeper into the classic 70s Heavy Rock vinyl crates.

What's your most remarkable experience of being in Lucifer?

Doing the thing you love with no limitations, creating, recording, playing and connecting with sincere souls alike.

Lucifer's lyrics tell stories of magic, devil worshipping and all things that lie around. What's your personal experience in these spheres?

My interest in the devil started with my interest in heavy music when I was very young. It's a life long love affair.

There is some part of Coven in a lot of female-fronted modern doom bands, and Coven is the black mass in music incarnate. How much of it is in you, in your songs?

I don't think you hear a lot of Coven in our music though I am a huge fan of course. I think we might share the same passion for RockNRoll and magic.

What's music to you? Artist's studio, place of worship, or entertainment?

All of these. Music is my life and my church.

And what does the image of Lucifer mean to you?

I've got a lot of sympathy for him!

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Interviewed on 2017-05-28 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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