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Quick introductory interview.

Interview with Sulphur Dreams.
1. Who are you and how did the band get started?

We're Sulphur Dreams, a stoner/doom metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in August of 2012. The current lineup consists of Alex Spielhaupter (Potential Sickness, Parsley, Ummananda) on bass & vocals, Jonas Nyström (EPA - klartgrabbenskahaenepamedsilvertejjp&uffe) on drums and Erik Björnlinger (Det Stora Tågrånet) on guitar and Ramin Mikkola on guitar.

The idea came about when original members Shirin Siavashi and Leo Nyberg had seen Electric Wizard live (this might have been when Electric Wizard performed at Sweden Rock 2011).

The idea was to create a power trio in the vein of Electric Wizard. More members joined the band and we became a band with two (three at one point) guitar players.

Shirin went to Los Angeles to study music at MI. The first stable lineup with Lobo Medina on bass, Petter Hellqvist on guitars/vocals, Leo Nyberg on drums and Ramin Mikkola on guitars recorded a demo in 2014 called Doom Witch.

We performed our first live gig together in the autumn of 2014. Later, Petter left the band to pursue his love for Death metal in the band Gravebomb.

Lobo and Leo later left the band since it was difficult to find a new singer and they were also not motivated to continue. Lobo continued with his band Infinite Shapes and Leo continued with other projects, his grindcore band Tjafsa inte! and jamming with other musicians.

Ramin Mikkola continued with the band, and after putting out adds on Bandfinder and asking friends and fellow musicians if they knew anyone who might be interested in playing that style of music.

In the summer/autumn of 2015 Jonas Nyström and Alex Spielhaupter joined the band. We started to get to know each other and started writing songs. After a while we wanted to record our songs in the EP or album format.

We started with the recording sessions for our debut album called "The Divine Anthropocene" in the summer of 2016 and we were finished with recording the instruments in the winter of 2017.

In the autumn of 2016 Erik Björnlinger joined on guitar.

2. Why did you choose Doom, and how would you describe your style?

We were in the beginning inspired by bands like Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Cathedral and wanted to play that kind of music.

It might have been the dark atmosphere, the heaviness of the music and the emotional aspect to it, perhaps also the drive, and also that special feeling in the gut that you get out of doom metal.

Kyuss, Electric Wizard and Cathedral are still important to the band. With the first proper lineup we played a style of doom/stoner metal with influences from progressive rock and psychedelic rock.

This style is still a part of the current lineup. Combining doom metal, stoner rock/metal with progressive rock and psychedelic rock and even some surf rock/spy music. Nevertheless the current lineup has many different influences too compared to the old lineup: You might notice that Alex's singing is influenced by bands like Black Mountains or/and Wovenhand's dramatic style.

Also PJ Harvey's style when it comes to lyrical themes (the two latest albums by PJ). We're all into bands like Pentagram, Pallbearer, Sleep, Acid King, Mastodon, Cult of Luna, Neurosis. "The Divine Anthropocene", which is our debut album, is a mix of influences from both line-ups of the band. Our more current style (as we have written songs as a four-piece) would perhaps be summarized as a combination of old school/classic/traditional doom metal with influences from stoner rock/metal, post-rock/metal, progressive rock/metal.

3. What would you consider to be the high point of your career so far?

Performing our first gig together, releasing the debut album by ourselves and another high point is to do it on our own terms. We want to keep it on a DIY (Doom it yourself) level.

4. Which three bands most influenced you?

Sulphur Dreams today and with the current lineup: Cathedral, Pallbearer and Cult of Luna.

In the beginning, and also fundamentally; Cathedral, Electric Wizard and Kyuss.

5. What are your plans for the near future?

In the near future we will start performing more live, promote the "The Divine Anthropocene" album. Release the album on CD, and also print some t-shirts.

We've been writing songs as a four-piece and that material will translate into a release.

6. If there is anything you would like to add, the last words are yours.

We would like to thank you for the interview and thank you for maintaning the doom-metal.com page and the doom metal community.

One is always standing on the shoulders of giants, we would like to thank these bands: Acid King, Black Sabbath, Budgie, Candlemass, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Cirith Ungol, Count Raven, Cream, Crowbar, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Thergothon, Doomsword, Down, Electric Wizard, EyeHateGod, Firebird, Fu Manchu, Grand Magus, Hooded Menace, Iron Monkey, Katatonia, Kyuss, Lord Vicar, Lucifer, Mastodon, MC5, Melvins, My Dying Bride, Nortt, The Oath, Ocean Chief, Orange Goblin, Ozzy Osbourne, Pagan Altar, Pallbearer, Paradise Lost, Pentagram, Reverend Bizarre, Runemagick, Saint Vitus, Second Grave, Serpent Omega, Shape of Despair, Shroud Eater, Skepticism, Sleep, Solitude Aeturnus, Soundgarden, Spiritus Mortis, Suma, Sunn O))), Triptykon, Trouble, Type O Negative, Warning, Witchcraft, Witchfinder General, PJ Harvey, Black Mountains, Wovenhand, With the Dead, The Wounded Kings, Yob, Lucifer's Fall, Rote Mare, The Gates of Slumber, Wretch, The Spotnicks, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Yes, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest.

People who we would like to thank: Our families, Josefin Finér and Tony Jelencovich from Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Tobbe Dahlgren, Pontus Redig(mixing/mastering on The Divine Anthropocene), Albin Emanuel Sköld(artwork on the Divine Anthropocene), Mother Gaia, Linus Ohlsson(for the promotion photos), Linus Pilebrand from Crowlegion, Shirin Siavashi, Petter Hellqvist, Leo Nyberg, Lobo Medina.

If you like Sulphur Dreams then check out these bands: Serpent Omega, Crowlegion, Vokonis, Domkraft, Agatha, Kabbalah, Nekromant, Age of Woe, Bell, Cities of Mars, Gravebomb, Ocean Chief, The Order of Israfel, Doomdogs.

Visit the Sulphur Dreams bandpage.

Interviewed on 2017-07-11 by doom-metal.com.
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