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With Marchafunebre's first EP only released this year, you may not have heard of this Chilean outfit before. Founder Fernando Opazo talks to Comrade Aleks about the band's 7-year history.

Interview with Marchafunebre.
"Though Chilean traditional doom band Marchafunebre have existed since 2010, I wonder if you'll have heard about them before. That would be quite a normal thing, since for seven years the only item in their discography was the demo 'Hymns Of The Final Holocaust', and the EP 'Under Will' was only released in August 2017, on Australis Records. Marchafunebre transformed from a one man project to a real band, and now they're working on a full-length record. The band’s original founder, Fernando Opazo, tells the story."

Marchafunebre: Ignacio Marquez (Lead Guitar), Fernando Opazo (Vocals, Guitars), Rodrigo Almonacid (Drums), Octavio Zuñiza (Bass, Backing Vocals). (Photo: Roberto Contador).

Hello Fernando! Marchafunebre is a dark horse on the world Doom scene: where did it start? How did you come to the idea of expression through traditional doom metal?

Hello Aleksey!

Well, from my youth I’m linked to "doom metal" in its different variants and to metal in general. When I was 17-19 years old (now I'm 38 years old) I thought about forming a band of the style and I started playing. But mainly after seeing “CANDLEMASS” for the very first time, is what I would need to do something more traditional. Most of my life was a fan of style and it is something that reflects my way of thinking.

Over the years, in the summer of 2010, talking drunk in my house with a friend, we decided to form the band. Finally I ended up working alone.

Your demo 'Hymns of the Final Holocaust' was published in the same year the project was born, 2010. How did you manage to record it so fast?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I decided to continue as a single member band, for different reasons, one of them is that I really did not know people who liked or wanted to play in a band of the style in the zone, any friend or contact. In this way, working alone, I did not have anything or anyone who delay my composition and later the recording of "Hymns ..."

What was the state of Marchefunebre in that period? Did you play gigs? How active were you?

The band has always been active, only for personal and work issues has not been constant. Yes, we have played live, but very rarely. Always active, rehearsing, composing and recording.

New EP 'Under Will' has just seen the light of day, seven years after the demo - in August 2017. What have you been doing all this time?

The delay was due to changes of members, in the band. It has cost me to have a stable formation to this day. As I said in the previous answer, all this time we have been composing, rehearsing and recording.

Discography: 'Hymns Of The Final Holocaust' (Demo, 2010), 'Under Will' (EP, 2017).

How did you work on these songs? Is it still your solo project, or did you invite other musicians to have a real band?

Since 2011 we are a band with members, a "real band" as you say, and since 2011 Octavio Zuñiga is the bass player (he has helped me in writing lyrics and conceptual ideas) and the member Oldest of the band after me, Then follows Ignacio (Toño) Marquez, which is responsible for making the most powerful, heaviest the guitars in addition to the main solos. Both members at present contribute ideas in the arrangements and lines of their instruments.

Which bands inspired you besides Candlemass?

Many bands, like "Black Sabbath", "Solitude Aeturnus", "Pentagram" (USA), "Reverend Bizarre", "Autopsy", “Asphyx", "Cathedra ", "Saint Vitus", "Exitus", "Mercy", "Saint Vitus", "Count Raven", "Entombed", "Morbid Angel", "Mercyful Fate", "Minotauri", "Paul Chain", "Trouble", etc ... I listen to a lot of music and I think that everything influences me, consciously and unconsciously.

It seems that South American Doom bands tend to put anti-Christian messages in their songs more often than others. How would you explain that?

That's right, well I think it's because unlike Europe, Latin America is above all very Christian. And the church has a great influence on education, politics and life in general in the society in which we are immersed not in the best way. I am not against the beliefs of people, everyone is free to believe and think the shit they want, but I believe that most, especially youth, repudiates the system called "religion" because it is a real company and mafia nowadays, and since ever. This response does not merit further development.

There are a few cliches in Doom metal and one of them is songs about witch burning. You have two songs on this theme... why? Isn't the Doom scene overwhelmed with those?

Well, both are the same song in 2 versions. But I used the cliché in my favor and wrote the lyric that talks about the inquisition and the burning of witches, but in reality the lyrics have a double meaning and if you interpret them, they talk about personal thoughts of how one feels when walking outside of society, and how people enjoy seeing people suffer. A reflection of the current society in which we live. We could say that today we continue to live in a type of inquisition. Most of the time I talk with metaphors in my songs, even when I talk about anti-Christianity and those topics.

Marchafunebre - 'Under Will':

What make your life difficult in Chile? What are the positive and negative sides of living there?

Chile, like any country, has good things and bad things. As for music and the band is more difficult, although there are some similar bands that play doom (not many), it is not the favorite style of metalheads. Few people buy discs because they are very expensive for the majority. Although there are metalheads who always support the scene going to concerts and buying the material they can. Play "doom metal" and being from South America will always be much more difficult than doing it in Europe or the USA, for example.

Fernando, you're from Viña del Mar, Valparaiso and I guess that all the Chilean bands I know are from Santiago. So how is it to live in this city? How is it to do metal there?

I tell you that there are many bands throughout the country, not only in Santiago there is Metal. North, center and south of Chile have exponents of the different branches of metal.

Valparaíso / Viña del Mar has metal since the 80s, there are always many live events. You walk one square and see metalheads, but there is not much support for the national and international scene in the area. In general in Santiago there is more support.

Live in 2014.

Now that Marchefunebra's first record is finally officially released, what are your plans for the full-length album?

In fact, we have almost completed studio recording of our first full-lenght album. The idea to release "Under Will" was to have material circulating while we kept working finished the album. All that remains is to record the voices in the studio (7 or 8 tracks). We hope to be releasing the album for this 2018.

Wow! Can you tell more about the new material? How much of the 'Under Will' sound is in it?

The new material is well varied, it has very slow subjects and others faster than what we have done before, always clearly, framing within what did the band. It is a mixture of the traditional with epic, heavy metal, sound as heavy as death. Clearly it will have something of "Under Will", but it is very varied. You will have to listen to him to give you that.

What’s with Mourners Lament, your previous band? How long did you play there and why did you leave it?

Well, "Mourners Lament" is still active and has just released his first LP "We All Be Given" (most of the songs released on that album were composed by me, but I did not participate in the recording of the album). I formed the band in 2004 and recorded the "demo 2004" and the EP "Unbroken Solemnity" 2008. Then in 2008 I left the band and it continued with members of Procession, Mar de Grises and Poema Arcanus. In 2013 I returned to the band with the "classical" line-up until finally I left the band in 2015 to dedicate myself only to Marchafunebre. The truth is that the band changed the way the direction in the composition to what I would have wanted, so I lost interest in it. All good with the members, we are still friends.

Fernando, thanks for your time! That was the last question for today! How would you like to finish our interview?

If you liked the band I invite you to get "Under Will" and soon our long duration. We are few bands that cultivate the style in Chile and in the world, so we must support so that this does not die. Doom Metal, for me the best and one of the most underground styles now and always !! Greetings and keep in this musical putrefaction!

Thank you for the interview.

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Interviewed on 2017-11-14 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov.
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