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Old Night's sophomore album succeeds in delivering a layered and emotive experience that may only reveal itself to you after multiple listens.
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Death/Doom band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The first demo had a raw and aggressive edge to it; the subsequent one brought in a musically more downbeat melodic/...
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Quick introductory interview.

Interview with Kronic.

1. Who are you and how did the band get started?

CWe have always loved the melodic and dynamics of doom metal and we have used doom music to relax after a tough day at work. in 2014 we found each other, we have the same feeling about music and then we made kronic, after a long period of a self discover and search for a sound finally in 2018 we mix ours first demo.

2. Why did you choose Doom, and how would you describe your style?

Our style is melodic, gothic.

3. What would you consider to be the high point of your career so far?

When we played support for saturnus and we played at nocturne festival.

4. Which three bands most influenced you?

Inspired by the feelings of bands like Anathema, Opeth, Saturnus, and Paradise Lost.

5. What are your plans for the near future?

Our plans in the future To make our album and play as much live gigs as we can.

6. If there is anything you would like to add, the last words are yours.

we are inspired by saturnus. Opeth. Draconian, anathema, paradise lost and so on, but we don't want to sound like them, People offen think just because we are inspired by them, we also wanted to Sound like them. We want to make our own sound mixing diferent styles, and taking inspiration from diferent sources. We think we have a great sound and style. But the search is not over.

Visit the Kronic bandpage.

Interviewed on 2019-04-10 by doom-metal.com.
Aesthetic Death
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