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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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One-man project whose influences range from Space Rock to Stoner with an emphasis on the psych angle instead of heaviness; atmospherically it is steeped in the ...
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2020-02-23 : Interview with Death The Leveller
Irish band Death The Leveller may contain core members from Mael Mórdha, but they take a very different musical angle. As their debut full-length prepares for launch, drummer Shane Cahill tells Comrade Aleks all about it.
2020-02-12 : Interview with Scald
Following the surprise 2019 announcement that Russian Epic Doom band Scald had reformed with the original line-up and a new vocalist, Comrade Aleks needed to find out more from the cult legends.
2020-01-25 : Interview with Intothecrypt
After Scald disbanded, and the later Tumulus went on-hold, three of the members of both created Pagan Death/Doom band Intothecrypt. Comrade Aleks discovers a lot more about this little-known project.
2020-01-24 : Interview with Painthing
It's been a couple of quiet years since the release of Polish Death/Doom band Painthing's debut full-length - here Comrade Aleks investigates "where are they now...?"
2020-01-22 : Interview with Nauthik
With German band Nauthik's debut full-length due for imminent release, Comrade Aleks talks to them about their five-year history and everything that has gone into the making of this album.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Womb (Spain)
Spanish Death/Doom band Womb have always remained quite anonymous, and little news of any kind has emerged in the two years since release of their sophomore album. Comrade Aleks seeks to rectify that here...
2020-01-06 : Interview with Illimitable Dolor
Following a productive year for the band, Comrade Aleks catches up with founder Stu Prickett to find out what's forthcoming for both Illimitable Dolor and The Slow Death.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Selenite
The debut release from Austrian solo project Selenite took Comrade Aleks somewhat by surprise with its unexpectedly richly spiritual approach to Funeral Doom - leading him to this deeper conversation with band founder Stefan Traunmüller.
2020-01-06 : Interview with Onirophagus
Old-school Barcelona-based Death/Doom act Onirophagus had their sophomore full-length released last year, which set Comrade Aleks on the trail of this conversation with band founder Paingrinder.
2019-12-19 : Interview with Estatic Fear
So, this somewhat informal Q&A isn't exactly an interview, but it is very much an engagement with all of the creators of Estatic Fear's considerable Doom legacy. We're presenting this as a guest, but nonetheless authoritative, exploration of that...so read on...
2019-12-16 : Interview with Moribundo
Following their participation in a four-way split earlier this year, Comrade Aleks set out to find out what more Moribundo may have planned. Band founder Juanpa Pérez talks him through it.
2019-12-16 : Interview with Chalice Of Suffering
After this year's sophomore release, with their Gaelic-tinged Funeral Doom neatly packaged by Transcending Obscurity, vocalist John McGovern of Minneapolis-based Chalice Of Suffering spoke with Comrade Aleks about their plans.
2019-12-16 : Interview with Andvaka
Always a difficult ask to interview a truly anonymous band who prefer to let listeners draw their own conclusions from the music: nonetheless, Comrade Aleks approached the Icelandic ritualistic Funeral Doom outfit Andvaka to see what he could learn about their mission.
2019-12-16 : Interview with Gothic Stone
With a long and largely dormant history behind them, Sicilian Epic Doomsters Gothic Stone finally saw their debt album released in 2019, 28 years after they first formed. Comrade Aleks talks to the founder, guitarist Salvatore, about this long back-story.
2019-12-09 : Interview with Reido
After a break of eight years, Reido are back with new album 'Anātman'. Comrade Aleks talks with co-founder Alexander Kachar about the Belarusian Funeral band's slow evolution.

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