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If you have the slightest interest in the slower end of extreme Doom, you should, quite simply, buy this split between Ennui and Aphonic Threnody.
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Extremely slow and heavy Death/Doom act. Often the slow and heavy Death/Doom gets mixed in with heavy death-metal blast beats. Unlike most bands who play this s...
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2014-04-05 : Temporary end of the Firebox Store.

2014-04-04 : Mournful Congregation new release.

2014-04-03 : Phlebotomized Immense Intense Suspense & Skycontact...

2014-04-03 : SERPENTINE PATH unveil 'Emanations' album details.

2014-04-02 : Thorns of the Carrion Discography "Tragedy in Remembrance" ...

2014-04-02 : New Ocean Chief album announced.

2014-03-28 : Meet CemeteriuM, Mexican depressive Doom...

2014-03-28 : 40 Watt Sun announce new album plan.

2014-03-27 : Swedish band BELOW has released a second song...

2014-03-24 : Two more interviews for you to read;

2014-03-18 : Capilla Ardiente news.

2014-03-16 : Dean Swinford wrote a three-part story about Doom Metal. Or almost...

2014-03-16 : EYEHATEGOD is to release a new full-length this spring.

2014-03-16 : Meet Heretic, Helvetic, a new melodic Death Doom one-man project.

2014-03-02 : Swedish doom band Below announce debut album.

2014-03-01 : some news about ORDOG.

2014-02-25 : Meet Monuments, a young band from the Netherlands.

2014-02-21 : Female-fronted Doom Metal

2014-02-20 : Quick interview with Of Doomed Morale.

2014-02-20 : PILGRIM are to release their sophomore full-length 'II: Void Worship'

2014-02-10 : SUMA and Ethereal Riffian Cassettes.

2014-02-08 : Mourning Dawn – Les Sacrifiés

2014-02-07 : Interview with Gennady of Endless Winter.

2014-01-31 : Esoteric - Maniacal Vale 3LP vinyl out now.

2014-01-31 : Angellore's sophomore near completion.

2014-01-30 : Some news from Doom:VS

2014-01-29 : Weird Truth Prods announce FUNERAL MOTH new album.

2014-01-25 : Interview with SubRosa

2014-01-23 : New Pantheist in 2015.

2014-01-20 : In-depth interview with German C.O.L.D.U.N.

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