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Mudbath's latest cruel sounding blackened sludgy Post-core venture sways and blasts along with a good deal of atmosphere.
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Extreme Death Doom whose name is inspired by Mournful Congregation's 'Monads of Creation'. Dark, crushing Doom along the line of Ev...
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2017-04-26 : Paradise Lost in the studio now: new album details announced

2017-03-19 : New US Stoner/Doom 'micro label' Metal Hero Records launched

2017-03-19 : New Calliophis album available for preorder

2017-03-05 : New Flesh Of The Stars album out now

2017-03-01 : Wretch & Iron Void UK tour 2017 announced

2017-02-06 : Fire Magazine, Issue 4 out now

2017-01-28 : New Mourning Dawn EP out soon

2017-01-13 : New album from The Cold View out February 1st

2017-01-13 : Revelation 'box set' reissue due February 10th

2017-01-11 : New Frowning album due 17th February

2016-12-31 : Ketch re-release out now

2016-12-10 : New Mood:Doom album out now, full stream on YouTube

2016-11-30 : New album from A Dream Of Poe

2016-11-30 : Clouds latest release Departe to get vinyl release

2016-11-24 : Solitude 'CD loudness' survey now running.

2016-11-06 : Solitude Productions Q4 release plan announced

2016-11-06 : Debut album from Sorrowful Land out tomorrow

2016-10-24 : New Doomed album available now

2016-10-24 : New album from Revelations Of Rain out today

2016-10-24 : My Kingdom Music 20% off Fall Campaign

2016-10-19 : GSP's 'Thank You Mom' venture

2016-10-07 : New Wolf Counsel video now streaming

2016-10-04 : Fire Magazine, Issue 3 out now

2016-09-27 : Wolf Counsel's 'Ironclad' out now

2016-09-21 : Even Vast - first gig with new line-up

2016-09-20 : New album from Khemmis on preorder now

2016-09-19 : Exclusive streaming of Swampcult's forthcoming 'The Festival' here

2016-09-08 : New Wolf Counsel album on preorder

2016-09-07 : Dionisyan announce forthcoming second album

2016-09-06 : New album from Self-Hatred

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