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Subterranean Disposition's Prog/Doom sophomore builds significantly on all the good points of the debut.
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Stunning traditional Doom-metal the way Candlemass used to make it! Slow and epic lamentations mixed with traces of Iced Earth! This is something ...
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I (EP)
    The UK's Conjurer debut with a a rip-roaring smorgasbord of pummelling sludgy noise.
 cdimgCelestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain (EP)
    Innerborée's brief debut is lugubrious, dynamically varied and satisfying.

    Despite its harshness, Funeral Moth's sophomore offers an organic, inviting, submersive experience.
 cdimgThe Longing for the Rain (Compilation)
    The complete works of Dysphorian Breed to date, reissued as a double CD, prove enjoyable.

The Sun Is Leaving
    Let down by poor production, Erethe's brief debut seems more like a second demo.
 cdimgII: For Mankind
    Haast's Eagled's sophomore: forget the genre labels here; this is simply great music.

Cry Of The Ice Wolves II (Reissue)
    Some nice touches on this Flegethon re-release, but it remains a little undynamic overall.
 cdimgFor You I Die
    A worthy, if quite familiar-sounding, melodic Funeral debut from Chalice Of Suffering.
    Defiance of Decease's Gothic/Doom debut proves well worth the lengthy wait.
 cdimgSix Fiendish Tales of Doom and Horror...
    A top-shelf offering, in the shape of Vampyromorpha's Hammond-soaked Trad Doom debut.

All latest reviews:

2016-07-20 : Conjurer I (EP) (Matt Halsey, 9/10)
2016-07-20 : Innerborée Celestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain (EP) (Alex Drozd, 7/10)
2016-07-20 : Funeral Moth Transience (Trishay J Trada, 9/10)
2016-07-16 : Dysphorian Breed The Longing for the Rain (Compilation) (Riccardo Veronese, 8/10)
2016-07-16 : Erethe The Sun Is Leaving (Riccardo Veronese, 6/10)
2016-07-11 : Haast's Eagled II: For Mankind (Matt Halsey, 8.5/10)
2016-07-03 : Flegethon Cry Of The Ice Wolves II (Reissue) (Matt Halsey, 6.5/10)
2016-07-03 : Chalice Of Suffering For You I Die (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2016-07-03 : Defiance Of Decease Suicide (Nick Harkins, 8/10)
2016-07-03 : Vampyromorpha Six Fiendish Tales of Doom and Horror... (Mark Rzeszutek, 7.5/10)
2013-12-16 : P˙lon Empyrean Rose (Split with My Silent Wake) (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2016-06-27 : Subterranean Disposition Contagiuum And The Landscapes Of Failure (Mike Liassides, 9/10)
2016-06-20 : Hangman's Chair This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive (Nick Harkins, 8.5/10)
2016-06-20 : Haiden Haiden (EP) (Matt Halsey, 8/10)
2016-06-20 : Vuolla Blood. Stone. Sun. Down. (Riccardo Veronese, 8.5/10)
2016-06-20 : Umnea Beauty Of The Other Side Of Silence (Riccardo Veronese, 8/10)
2016-06-06 : Monolith Mountain (Mark Rzeszutek, 8/10)
2016-06-06 : Shakhtyor Tunguska (Chaim Drishner, 8/10)
2016-06-06 : Unmercenaries Fallen In Disbelief (Riccardo Veronese, 9/10)
2016-06-06 : Ocean Of Grief Fortress Of My Dark Self (EP) (Riccardo Veronese, 9/10)
2016-05-10 : Deceptive Face In The Rays (Reissue) (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2016-05-01 : Deveikuth 0.Ĝ (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2016-05-01 : Misty Morning GA.GA.R.IN. - Galactic Gateways for Reborn Intellects (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2016-05-01 : Endless Floods Endless Floods (Dante DuVall, 7/10)
2016-05-01 : Psicorragia Madremuerte (Riccardo Veronese, 8/10)
2016-04-30 : Consecration Ephemerality (Riccardo Veronese, 8/10)
2016-04-25 : My Silent Wake An Unbroken Threnody (Compilation) (Mike Liassides, 10/10)
2016-04-24 : Somnus Aeternus Exulansis (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2016-04-24 : Alasthor Alasthor (EP) (Mark Rzeszutek, 7/10)
2016-04-24 : Apocalypse Cult Ostrobothnian Witch Trials MMXIV (EP) (Matt Halsey, 5.5/10)
2016-04-16 : Black Forest Sadness (Remaster) (Chaim Drishner, 9/10)
2016-04-16 : Neverending Sadness When The Sky Has Lost Its Color (Matt Halsey, 7/10)
2016-04-16 : Hemelbestormer Portals (Riccardo Veronese, 8/10)
2016-04-16 : Soothsayer The Soothsayer (EP) (Riccardo Veronese, 9/10)
2016-04-10 : Stangala Klañv (Kris Clayton, 9/10)
2016-04-10 : Goatpsalm Downstream (Kris Clayton, 10/10)
2016-04-04 : Enthroned Darkness Grim Symphony of the Night (Nick Harkins, 7/10)
2016-04-04 : King Goat Conduit (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2016-03-30 : El Hijo de la Aurora The Enigma of Evil (Nick Harkins, 8/10)
2016-03-26 : Moaning Silence A World Afraid Of Light (Mike Liassides, 9/10)

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