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Monolithe take a somewhat quirkier and experimental approach, with excellent results.
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Disturbing and experimental sounding Metal. Shades of Drone, Death, and Avantgarde are jammed together with brutal guttural vocals, technical drumming, and ...
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    The debut full-length from Kalbos is a heavy, rumbling groove of accomplished sludgy Doom.
 cdimgKalos Eidos Skopeo
    An enjoyable foray into instrumental Space Rock/Stoner Doom from Australian band Comacozer.

Optare Mortem (EP)
    A solid showcasing of potential, but as a full bore release, needs a bit more character to make it stand out.
 cdimgEuropean PM
    An intriguing concept that falls short on clarity and execution marks this debut from Megalith Temple.

    A little hit or miss overall, Lelantos show promise with their atmospheric Funeral Doom.
 cdimgDead As Truth
    Atriarch deliver ritual over simple performance in this latest commemoration of darkness.

The Incubus of Karma
    A beautifully masterful composition from a consistently impressive band: Mournful Congregation's new album.
 cdimgNebula Septem
    Monolithe take a somewhat quirkier and experimental approach, with excellent results.
cdimgMental Landscapes
    A fine concoction of instrumental Atmospheric Doom from Spaniards Graveyard Of Souls.
 cdimgCurse Of Conception
    Close to greatness, but Spirit Adrift need a little less hero-worship to really get there.

All latest reviews:

2018-04-21 : Kalibos HexA (Chris Hawkins, 7/10)
2018-04-21 : Comacozer Kalos Eidos Skopeo (Matt Halsey, 7/10)
2018-04-21 : Lacrima Mortis Optare Mortem (EP) (Eli Elliott, 6/10)
2018-04-21 : Megalith Temple European PM (Chris Hawkins, 5/10)
2018-04-14 : Lelantos Akrasia (Chris Hawkins, 6/10)
2018-04-14 : Atriarch Dead As Truth (Chris Hawkins, 7.5/10)
2018-03-30 : Mournful Congregation The Incubus of Karma (Ian Morrissey, 8.5/10)
2018-03-30 : Monolithe Nebula Septem (Ian Morrissey, 8.5/10)
2018-03-30 : Graveyard Of Souls Mental Landscapes (Nick Harkins, 8.5/10)
2018-03-30 : Spirit Adrift Curse Of Conception (Pat Jenkinson, 8/10)
2018-03-30 : Anguish Magna Est Vis Siugnah (Ian Morrissey, 6/10)
2018-03-26 : Inner Dawn Foundation Saturnalia '17 (Demo EP) (Mike Liassides, 6.5/10)
2018-03-25 : Doomster Reich Drug Magick (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2018-03-25 : Nevertanezra Bastard of Prometheus (EP) (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2018-03-25 : Longhouse II: Vanishing (Ian Morrissey, 6/10)
2018-03-25 : ColdCell Those (Matt Halsey, 8.5/10)
2018-03-19 : Flesh Martyr Echoes Of A Distant Weeping (EP) (Chris Hawkins, 8/10)
2018-03-19 : Sorrows Path Touching Infinity (Chris Hawkins, 8/10)
2018-03-19 : Aphonic Threnody Of Loss and Grief (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2018-03-19 : Empress Reminiscence (EP) (Matt Halsey, 8/10)
2018-03-19 : Aporya Dead Men Do Not Suffer (Nick Harkins, 7.5/10)
2018-03-19 : Ophelia Sympathize With Your Phantasy (Mike Liassides, 9/10)
2018-03-04 : Drude Drude (Matt Halsey, 7/10)
2018-03-04 : Distressed To Marrow La Violencia (Ian Morrissey, 6.5/10)
2018-03-04 : Gribberiket Sluket (Ian Morrissey, 4/10)
2018-03-04 : Marche Funèbre Collapse/Darkness (Split with Eye of Solitude) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2018-03-03 : Eye Of Solitude Collapse/Darkness (Split with Marche Funèbre) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2018-03-02 : Troll Teeth Boiled Alive (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2018-02-27 : Drug Honkey Cloak Of Skies (Trishay J. Trada, 8/10)
2018-02-27 : Godes Yrre Inside The Whale (Pat Jenkinson, 6.5/10)
2018-02-25 : Death Has Spoken Fade (Eli Elliott, 5/10)
2018-02-25 : Satan's Children Giant Gutter In Outer Space (Re-release) (Chris Hawkins, 7.5/10)
2018-02-25 : Litany Pyres Of Lamentation (Eli Elliott, 8/10)
2018-02-25 : Somnent Sojourn (Mike Liassides, 8.5/10)
2018-02-25 : Profetus Coronation Of The Black Sun/Saturnine (Remaster) (Lord Tanner Skrocki, 8/10)
2018-02-20 : Mekigah Autexousious (Nick Harkins, 9/10)
2018-02-20 : Dionisyan Delirium and Madness - Concerto Grosso Opera No 2 In G Minor (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2018-02-20 : Rise Of Avernus Eigengrau (Kris Clayton, 9/10)
2018-02-20 : Motherslug The Electric Dunes Of Titan (Patrick Jenkinson, 7.5/10)
2018-02-20 : Bereft Of Light Hoinar (Ian Morrissey, 7/10)

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