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Doomed's latest magnum opus is a faultless exemplar of modern Death/Doom.
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the Might Could play a brand of southern styled, metal-tinged Rock the way Alabama Thunderpussy do. No surprise as Erik Larson is the founder and ...
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In Fields Of Pestilent Grief (Reissue)
    A reissue that rightly honours Funeral's pivotal, but long-unavailable, 2002 release.
    Ashtar's debut is a beautifully-crafted crucible for a wide array of influences.

    When Kröwnn hit their stride, this debut full-length sounds like an organic, living thing.
 cdimgDramatis Personae (EP)
    Rise Of Avernus deliver a tight, polished and lushly eclectic release.

Live In Kharkiv
    An interesting historical retrospective of Vin de Mia Trix's early days.
 cdimgSlow Transcending Agony (Reissue)
    The remastered reissue of Ataraxie's debut is an essential album.

Natem EP
    An interesting combination of Stoner/Death/Doom from young German band Natem.
 cdimgA Palpable Sense of Love and Loss
    An exemplary debut full-length of depression-soaked modern Doom from Pendulous.
cdimgUnanswered Hymns
    Bridging atmospheric Psychedelic Doom and murderous Extreme Doom: US band Church's debut.
 cdimgIn The Rainfall
    Sorrowful's debut full-length is straight from the old school of Anathema.

All latest reviews:

2015-08-05 : Funeral In Fields Of Pestilent Grief (Reissue) (Dante DuVall, 8/10)
2015-08-05 : Ashtar Ilmasaari (Matt Halsey, 9/10)
2015-08-02 : Kröwnn Magmafröst (Kevin Baird, 8.5/10)
2015-08-01 : Rise Of Avernus Dramatis Personae (EP) (Kris Clayton, 9.5/10)
2015-07-30 : Vin de Mia Trix Live In Kharkiv (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-07-27 : Ataraxie Slow Transcending Agony (Reissue) (Mike Liassides, 9.5/10)
2015-07-27 : Natem Natem EP (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2015-07-22 : Pendulous A Palpable Sense of Love and Loss (Dante DuVall, 9/10)
2015-07-22 : Church Unanswered Hymns (Dante DuVall, 9/10)
2015-07-22 : Sorrowful In The Rainfall (Kris Clayton, 6.5/10)
2015-07-22 : Iron & Stone Old Man's Doom (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-07-22 : Black Thyria Tyrant Resurrected As King (EP) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-07-13 : Shape Of Despair Monotony Fields (Laurent Lignon, 8.5/10)
2015-07-13 : Paradise Lost The Plague Within (Laurent Lignon, 9.5/10)
2015-07-13 : Evoke Thy Lords Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! (Mark Rzeszutek, 7.5/10)
2015-07-13 : Tony Tears Follow The Signs Of The Times (Mark Rzeszutek, 6/10)
2015-07-13 : OHHMS Cold (Matt Halsey, 8.5/10)
2015-07-13 : Lucifer's Fall Lucifer's Fall (Re-release) (Kevin Baird, 5/10)
2015-06-30 : Ogre Dawn Of The Proto-Man (Reissue) (Kevin Baird, 7.5/10)
2015-06-30 : Endlesshade Wolf Will Swallow The Sun (Kris Clayton, 8.5/10)
2015-06-30 : Doomed Wrath Monolith (Mike Liassides, 10/10)
2015-06-30 : Caldera Centralia (EP) (Mike Liassides, 6.5/10)
2015-06-21 : Disharmonic Magiche Arti E Oscuri Deliri (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2015-06-21 : Avant Soliloque Reveries (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2015-06-21 : Lucian the Wolfbearer Paradise (Mike Liassides, 8/10)
2015-06-14 : Surrogate Prey Burning Water (Split with Death After Birth) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-06-14 : Death After Birth Burning Water (Split with Surrogate Prey) (Mike Liassides, 7/10)
2015-06-13 : Mirror Morionis Last Winter Tolls (Mark Rzeszutek, 6.5/10)
2015-06-13 : The Dead Deathsteps To Oblivion (EP) (Mark Rzeszutek, 6/10)
2015-06-13 : Tome Nomadic Rituals/Tome (Split Single) (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2015-06-13 : Nomadic Rituals Nomadic Rituals/Tome (Split Single) (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2015-06-11 : Zatokrev Silk Spiders Underwater (Kris Clayton, 9.5/10)
2015-06-07 : Shallow Rivers The Leaden Ghost (Trishay J Trada, 7.5/10)
2015-06-07 : Ancient Lament Messages From The Crystals (Mike Liassides, 7.5/10)
2015-06-06 : Lizard Queen Third Eye (Mark Rzeszutek, 6.5/10)
2015-06-06 : Herscher Herscher (Matt Halsey, 8/10)
2015-06-05 : Abysmal Darkening Sub Terra (Chaim Drishner, 9/10)
2015-06-05 : Mist Inan' (EP) (Matt Halsey, 7.5/10)
2015-05-31 : Volition Wreck Among Ruin (Chaim Drishner, 2/10)
2015-05-23 : Loimann Drowning Merged Tantras (Chaim Drishner, 4/10)

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