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Methadrone : Sterility

Craig Pillard is an interesting artist. He seems to know what doubt means, his works evolve…for the best. With 'Sterility', his project Methadrone is visiting new grounds. The roars of the Drone Industrial thunder that agitated his previous works have given way to calmer waves. Anger has been vented and it is rumination time.
Musically, the album is very simply structured. Each track is the sum, each time repeated, of the addition of a limited number of sound layers: the round, muffled drums' beat supports a dialogue between an acoustic guitar that delivers simple melodic lines and a fat droning bass. On two songs, the solemn and declamatory voice of David Galas completes the uncluttered architecture of Sterility'. The relevance of each element ensures the cohesion and the power of suggestion of the whole. It is the strength of Pillard's little recipe.

The musical landscapes, like the sober artwork can imply, are vast and austere. The atmospheres are foggy and grey. Each track of the album is built on the same metronomic rhythm, resulting in a kind of oscillatory effect that has a very effective hypnotic power. A quick listening could reduce the linear structures and repetitive songs to a simple succession of hazardous notes without purpose that lead to nothing. The subtle work of Pillard must be considered in a different way: he doesn’t write what you can call 'songs'. Neither does he tell a story or try to make a demonstration of his composition skills. 'Sterility' should be listened to like one would browse a sketchbook. Each musical piece is a moody picture, a few impressionistic notes jotted down, sullen and thoughtful. The atmospheres let little light filter through. The music is the expression of an uncommunicative individual that shares nothing. The work is for his personal use only and the melodic lines are meant to fix a fragile state that could be lost.

'Sterility' is a collection of intimate landscapes, of confidential moods; a slow journey in twilight mists. A concept that is summed up in 'Horizone', where ghostly echoes of Pillard’s own voice, that sometimes breaks into hoarse accents, draw a striking melodramatic pattern. 'Sterility' is a singular album, on the border between Doom, Ambient and Dark Wave. A meditative wandering in which you have to allow yourself to sink. Warmly recommended.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sterility
2. Self Relinquishment
3. Servitude
4. Continuum of Decline
5. Bury Me Standing
6. Horizone
7. Lassitude
8. Final Transmission

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes.

Visit the Methadrone bandpage.

Reviewed on 18-01-2009 by Bertrand marchal
Aesthetic Death
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