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Saturnalia Temple : UR

The disc begins with a long, bellowing, thick wave of buzzing notes. A voice emerges and delivers a few vague words. This is dry, unrefined and menacing. Welcome to the occult ceremony of Saturnalia Temple.

The Doom of Saturnalia Temple, it must be said immediately, is modeled on Electric Wizard's fat and messy music. Unfortunately for me and the album for which I write the review, I do not like Electric Wizard. I do not like Saturnalia Temple much more.

The band's music is very simple. The sound is raw, murky and heavy. It is a spectral dance in slow motion (I mean slooow), a ghostly jig that stretches, turns on itself again and again. The throbbing pace goes to your head. That’s a quality to my ears.

The Doom of Saturnalia Temple is rooted in the rich humus of the seventies. In other words, it is certainly psychedelic. The voice carries this air filled with scents of incense. Tired and rusted, the engine idles. The rhythm is basic and plays on the effect of repetition, it is a simple cycle that is spinning and spinning and spinning again. Interesting, but still a bit tiresome.

On certain passages, the voice is being trebled by a rather clumsy reverb effect, the tone that is otherwise clear and rather soft becomes more aggressive, quite unnecessarily in my opinion. The band's music shows a lack of presence; it is dismal, hyper repetitive and, ultimately, boring.

I hear no convincing atmosphere in 'Ur', just droning scales; a disturbing Doom, minimalistic and stripped to the bone. Throughout the disc, the production appears to be more and more muffled becoming a lifeless, tasteless gray mass...or it could be my brain dissolving under the hypnotic effect. Could my consciousness be going numb, trapped by the shifting sands of the catatonic Doom of Saturnalia Temple? In this case, this could be one redeeming feature.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Enter the Temple of Saturn (Intro)
2. Dreaming Out of Death
3. Mount Meru Is Tall
4. UR Pt I and Pt II
5. Devil's Eye (Knowledge Gone)

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Saturnalia Temple bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-03-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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