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Savanon : Savanon

Savanon is a young Doom band from Greece that has self-released two almost identical demos under the simple titles of 'Savanon I' and 'II'. Simple also is the music. The Doom of Savanon is a blueprint, a slight outline which summarizes in a few features the very mind of the genre they serve: Savanon’s music is SLOW, DARK, REPETITIVE and SPIRITUAL.
Both albums are really a continuation of one another ('Savanon' and 'II' can not be more explicit), it is almost one very long track divided into two comparable entities. Therefore, allow me to gather my impressions in a single review that applies for each of them.
Each demo is made of one track. Both of them offer little variation: a droning guitar rumbling along serves as a background sound upon which a low, fat bass even more percussive than the drums, themselves quite sporadic, support the voice. And those vocals are all you can hang on to. They really catch the attention yet, I must say, don’t always keep it. It is a haunted and solemn voice full of controlled fervor.
The atmosphere is monochromatic: gray dominates. But gray is a subtle nuance, it is made of black and white...of contrasts. Gray is dialectal. Light plays with darkness, the living speak to the dead. The shamanic intonations of the voice make it appear as a go-between carrying out the dialogue between these opposing forces. It breaks sometimes in unexpected Black Metal-ish bursts and then the rhythm accelerates significantly. The effect is efficient and convincing.
Some acoustic guitar lines topping a comatose cymbal's play articulates a songwriting that ultimately we’d like to be more varied. The simplicity claimed by Savanon is respectable. But it seems to prevail by default: the musicians may lack the required technical talent to reach a greater complexity and intensity. The very slow pace, almost tantric, fails to bring the fever, the trance that is obviously sought. There is too much space between the notes, too many overlong parts, and the tonal spectrum of the voice is too limited.
However Savanon develops its own sound on both demos. Its Doom is full enough of magic, dreamy darkness and misty landscapes to satisfy the (hard-core) fan. This is a promising start. Let’s wait and see what kind of progression maturity will be able to bring.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Savanon

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes.

Visit the Savanon bandpage.

Reviewed on 12-05-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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