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This is a band by two of the members of the incredibly heavy stoner/doom band YOB. The band started out as an industrial/stoner/core/doom mix on the firs...
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I Chaos : Spirit Of Faceless Time

Mists full of dark echoes, long distortions, a voice that rolls like a storm in the distance, icy atmospheres, cloudy horizon, the top of a mountain.

I Chaos has definitely a mineral nature: water, stone, moss, fog and gentle breeze. You have to listen to the music by dawn; lying back on the short grass of the Andean highlands where the land touches the sky; the mind gets lost in the great cottony masses that move slowly in the fresh air. There, where time has slowed down, where even civilization stands aside.

Ambient Doom allows this. Because, after all, I can reveal it to you: I didnít take a plane to this destination, the CD of I Chaos under the arm, to go test its cathartic effects on the top of one of these damned, inaccessible mountains; and Iíd say thatís a good thing because it's already cold enough down in the valleys to freeze your balls off. No, I'm in my living room on my couch. You wouldnít have guessed that, huh?

Joke aside, the fact is that I Chaos' music has a very evocative power. It invokes these kinds of impressions for me, while someone else will feel something different. Itís the strength of the genre: it becomes a vehicle for the imagination to travel. The Holy Formula now sold in every supermarket of Doom is: ethereal keyboards, voices from beyond the grave, comatose drums working in part-time or even on sick leave and buzzing guitars. That's all; itís next to nothing and still, itís awesome when the balance is correctly achieved. Here it absolutely is.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Spirit Of Faceless Time

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes.

Visit the I Chaos bandpage.

Reviewed on 14-05-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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