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Syrach : Days Of Wrath

For some bands, it takes a lot of patience and hard work to get their name out and establish a critical mass of attention to their name.Syrach has been paving the road for more than ten years, until the release of 'Days of Wrath', a next milestone in their history. The band hails from Norway, a country known for a lot of black and gothic metal. This probably doesn’t make it easier for them.

'Days of Wrath' contains eight tracks of slow to mid-tempo doom-death metal, with occasional addition of samples, keys and female vocals. In this setup, the album can be somewhat compared to Paradise Lost's 'Gothic' or the Evoken albums. The songs are rather melodic, displaying several catchy moments and repetitive chants. Sometimes the road of doom-death metal is left behind for excursions into the gothic metal or death metal worlds. The massive 'The Firm Grip of Death' (a fourteen minute masterpiece) shows that female vocals can indeed be a real bonus to metal tracks, whereas 'A Death Tear' and 'The Twilight Enigma' start as if they were Bolt Thrower songs. Parts in 'The Twilight Enigma' could equally well have been on an early The 3rd and the Mortal album.

When listening to this album, you can’t help but nod your head along to the riffs and open your throat to sing along with 'Nine Fallen Men' and the likes. At other times, the nodding becomes a full fledged head-banging when all hell breaks loose and the death metal riffing makes you forget that this is actually a doom metal album.

Bonus point of this album is definitely the mix between faster riffing and slower melodic parts. It is still to be seen though, if this album will leave the crushing impression that is needed to give this band some more visibility. In any case, it’s a nice try.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. Are You Able To Breathe Fire?
II. Semper Ardens
III. The Firm Grip Of Death
IV. Stigma Diabolicum
V. Come Daemons
VI. Nine Fallen Men
VII. A Death Tear
VIII. The Twilight Enigma

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the Syrach bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-01-2008 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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