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Yhdarl : Counting Seconds

Yhdarl is yet one of those unknown talents that roam the underground of the underground which I'd like to shed some light on. Yhdarl is a one man band created by Deha, multi-instrumentalist and designer. Deha is Yhdarl and Yhdarl is Deha…so, let’s simply talk about Yhdarl, the project, in this review.

The album is composed of 6 tracks, the fifth being an alternative version of the first and the last one paying tribute to Sunn O))) by re-interpreting the song 'Hell-O)))-Ween' from the cult band. And that’s a clue about what filthy, sick and dark worlds the band roams. Funeral Drone Doom is what you have to bear till the end of 'Counting Seconds'. You will count them indeed. It is frightening, demanding and exhausting. In a good way, of course...in a damn good way in fact. Yhdarl has composed a suffocating machine, a tempestuous journey in the heart of darkness.

Disturbing squeaking ambient waves, high-pithed guitar tune, raspy screams… the scene opens. It is almost entirely black, but you can still percieve some details in the dark coners of Yhdarl’s soul. Some details you’d wish you’d never seen. Like a soul in pain, Yhdarl haunts the maze of icy corridors in a dark fortress that has no windows. Dark, cold, wet, the world of the creature blurs the normal sensory references. Simple, radical in the way he chose, Yhdarl built this castle with the sole purpose of locking himself inside. This is not welcoming, this is not a place of rest offered to the auditor. All the openings to an improbable ‘outside’ are sealed. The place is inhospitable. But it is the space he chose to express himself, and therefore, it also carries a kind of sensitivity. It is a receptacle worthy of listening.

The walls absorb his wrenching pain, his existential anguish echoes through the building. Yhdarl vomits its bile away from the world. The work is off-putting, but as often, disgust goes with a certain degree of fascination. Bestial shrill shouts, low growls, infra bass that shakes the shit in the guts, throbbing drones that destroy the brain connections… putrescent chaos. It’s shock therapy…almost a relief…a broken melody at the piano like a microscopic sparkle of light in the heart of the blackness…a litany of grim preachings…drum blasts, acid vomit of incomprehensible words. Tortured, disturbing, the ascetic Funeral Drone Doom of Yhdarl is first and foremost cathartic, for a personal use. So much the better if you feel concerned too: it could be good for you.

Let’s also salute the work of the labels that promote this kind of music. Frozen Veins Records is this time responsible for offering us that piece of dark lamentations. The album is limited to 100 copies. So...do what you like.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. Wounds
5. I (alternative version)
6. Hell-O)))-Ween

Duration : Approx. 78 minutes.

Visit the Yhdarl bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-07-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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