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Asofy : Lento procedere prima del sonno

The same bleakness and angst as its predecessor, combined with a vast atmosphere.

It's been quite a few years since Tryfar (Asofy's composer) made 'ebYm'. But now he's back with a new EP. Undeniably there has been a lot of progress since 'ebYm', and while I really liked his debut, it wasn't one of those releases that I keep on returning to. The reason is it's tortured sound. It really fascinated me, but it's not a release which one can relax to and just enjoy. 'Lento procedere prima del sonno' is different. It's got the same bleakness and angst as it's predecessor, but it has been combined with a vast atmosphere which slightly eludes an explanation on my part. It's both in the vein of Dolorian's self-titled album as well as The 3rd and the Mortal's 'Tears Laid in Earth'. Truly one of the most haunting and utterly nihilistic doom/black experiences to date.

'Lento procedere prima del sonno' is Italian and can be translated to something like "slow procession towards sleep". When you take the music into account I'd claim that this refers to death in some way, perhaps even to suicide. The track titles seems to give some hints about this. The EP is split into two, with track one through three being the first part and the fourth track being the second part. Part one starts with 'esterno', which means "outside". I suspect that this is related to the beginning state, where life is easy. If I'm correct then the second track, 'interno' ("inside), would be the gradual decline. This is the point where you grow inwards, starting a seclusion from the social world which peeks in track three. 'percorso', translated as "covered", is the end point of part one. You're shut off from the world and thus remain alone. Such a gradual decline into utter depression would leave little doubt on what the second part, 'infinito' ("infinity"), refers to… There is however other possible explanations, one of which is that this is a nihilistic tale of life from birth to death. Whichever is right, it's needless to say that this EP has the ability to capture my imagination!

I've got lots of praises for this EP. Personally I'd say that this is despondent enough to satisfy Nortt fans, tortured enough to satisfy fans of early Katatonia, atmospheric enough to appeal to more extreme fans of Dolorian or The 3rd and the Mortal, and generally good enough to be appreciated by most who enjoy doom/black. Perhaps I am overly confident, but I'll still mark this as 'highly recommended'.

Reviewed on ??-??-2007 by Arnstein Petterson

The album starts smoothly: delicate and deconstructed music, sparkling cymbals and light drums, atonal droning bass in the background, clear arpeggios... and a suffocating agonizing voice of a desperate man certainly suffering from an incurable disease.

Strange and unsettling is the kind of Doom that Asofy composes. It's Post-Rockish, laid back, a bit lethargic and dark, gloomy and a bit frightening as well. The textures are original.

Mostly instrumental, the album can come across as a 'what if?' exercise: What if we stretch, throughout a whole album, the same disincarnated mood, warm and bleak, dreamy, cottony and dark at the same time? That's the bet Asofy has taken. It works for me; it won’t for others: there are no momentums, no blasts, no or little rhythmic changes in fact. The flow can accelerate a bit, the pace happens to become more thunderous, but it won't last. Asofy's musical world roams a metaphysical desert where thoughts collide in slow motion, bogged down in apathy. That's a nice try. Taking into account the awesome packaging – as usual with Trazerouno, I can only recommend this album as a treat.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. esterno
II. interno
III. percorso

∞. infinito

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes.

Visit the Asofy bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-07-2009 by Bertrand marchal
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