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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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The band consider themselves to play "flowerpowermetal" and is doing so for the purpose "to doom the world". Well, there are no hippy tendencies h...
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Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy : Behind the Shadows

Some time ago, I bought this album on the advice of a friend during one or other show. He knew I'm a fan of doom-metal and told me that I would probably love this album. To be honest, the album didn't do a lot to me the first few times I listened to it. But it grew on me enormously.

The album contains 11 tracks plus an extra bonus song. Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, a Czech Republic based band, plays dark doomy metal, with melodic guitar riffs, acoustic guitar parts, violin, violoncello and some flute. In some songs, a female backing voice is added to the male grunts and 'clean' vocals. Tempo varies from up-tempo folk-like rhythms to slow doom-metal tempo.

The booklet features (apart from a very red coloured frontcover), black and white pages with lyrics and drawings of leaves and other nature inspired scenes. The last regular song on the album is a covertrack of Dead Can Dance's 'Cantara', a song with only acoustic instruments in addition to a female chanting voice. The bonus track 'I Come and Stand at Every Door' has only female vocals. Lyrics are in English, which results in huge accents in the singing.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Wizard
2. Garden
3. The Last Place
4. Old Women´s Dance
5. When Sun Rises for the Last Time
6. Summoning of the Muse
7. Ghost
8. Embrace Beyond
9. Black Tunnel
10. Shadow
11. Cantara
12. I Come and Stand at Every Door

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes.

Visit the Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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