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Sorrow : Hatred and Disgust

"Human thirst can never be quenched, too much is never enough..." Hatred and disgust, isn't that what I feel, have been feeling, on a daily basis, throughout my entire life since self-awareness and self-consciousness had matured within me? I am reviewing Sorrow's only second offering firstly, due to the fact 'Hatred and Disgust' was actually the first of the only two releases I listened to, only to discover Sorrow's Ep 'Forgotten Sunrise' many years after. Sorrow is one of the oldest, heaviest, gloomy and quirky bands I have ever encountered; They are (were) funny looking, they had their own totally unique sound and they dealt with social matters way back, while the rest of the death metal "scene" was obsessed with horror/gore issues e.g., early Goreguts, Suffocation and a handful of others (and they were hailing from New-York area thus were not a Florida-area clones)... Actually they stood alone in a desert where only Winter accompanied them in their delivering of the most crushing sounds of the late eighties/early nineties of the previous century... I'm only guessing, but maybe this band had risen from the ashes of the early hardcore acts that had been active those days, due to their societal, social and political themes, but it's only a wild guess... Anyways, why even incorporating this album/band into the doom-death sub genre? For doom is not a musical style at all. Doom is atmosphere, doom is uneasiness, doom is a foreboding shadow upon the listener, no matter what the velocity of the songs is. Sure, they are slow enough to consider them doom-death, but what else? He who takes a good look at the album's cover will understand the meaning: Desolation, destruction, humanity's crumbling, society's decomposition, deconstruction...

Sorrow's music is vile, venomous and aims straight to the soft stomach. Monstrous vocals, devoid of real human emotion what-so-ever, deep low grunts not to be found easily those far away days, innovative riffs and unique, powerful drum work, all make it a truly gloomy album, where some parts are very slow and dragging, while other are faster, they all manage to hold that impending disaster feeling and coldness, indifference maybe, throughout the album's length in quite an awe inspiring way. As is the case with Winter, they too do not use any keyboards, but they really don't need to, thus the recording is bleak, simple in a way and very effective; If you know what to do with your guitar, how to exploit it to the maximum - you don't really need keyboards, now do you?

In the first couple of times when hearing this music, some ten, eleven years ago, I was totally blown away, thinking this is by far the heaviest recording I've listened too. Even though the years tend to mellow original, adolescent impression of things, dim them or glorify them to such an extent that when returning to them all one find is disappointment (if any one knows what I'm gibbering here about) - the years and years of unstoppable musical experience during which I've been listening to any kind of extreme musical expression out there - those damn years have not done harm to this unique recording, have not touched it or reduced from its effective atmosphere inducing factor and imploding power of the sounds. If anyone wants to explore the roots of modern doom-death, and he/she can come up with only one band in mind i.e., Winter, I strongly recommend, urge even, him/her to check out this magnificent recording, get acquainted with its crushing melodies, touch its evil winds, dwell within the excellent lyrics, or just sink into an almost fifty minutes of mind numbing oblivion...Doom/Death at its fucking best!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Insatiable
2. Forced Repression
3. Illusion of Freedom
4. Human Error
5. Separative Adjectives
6. Unjustified Reluctance

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Sorrow bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chaim Drishner
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