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Tears of Mankind : Silent Veil of My Doom

Depressive doom merchant 'Phil' is back among the mortals

Another gloomy Russian Doom/Death/Gothic project for me to review... 'Silent Veil Of My Doom' is indeed a doomy, gloomy, obsessive, depressive kind of musical affair, maybe even more so because it stems from the brain of a single musician, Philipp "Phil" Skobelin, ex vocalist of death metal band N.O.S.P.A. (abbreviation for "Noise Of Sadistic Painful Aggression"), talented doom merchant who has already gifted the world with particularly depressing tunes in his previous opus 'Without A Ray Of Hope', which I, being a miserable individual myself, enjoyed very much.

'Silent Veil Of My Doom' progresses from there and paints a much more mature music canvas, despite the very annoying, thin drumming which – I can only suspect – belongs to a machine, and a bad one at that. Musically, it's hard, heavy, rash doom/death, with gothic undertones. The guitar riffs are monolithic and sometimes too razor sharp for my liking, but production is top notch. Phil's singing alternate from deep, cavernous growls to rather embarrassing clean vocals. In 'Without You', a piano-led ballad, is accompanied by the female voice of Nostu. Song n. 9, 'You Are Not Here', is a bonus track, a Silent Hill 3 cover, from Akira Yamaoka's soundtrack, which, we suspect, should have been left dormant in Phil's drawer.

All in all, the album works. It's well played, well produced and entertaining (if you find desperation entertaining...) and although, personally, I find it a tad too monotonous and sterile at times, fans of the genre won’t be disappointed.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. And There in Eternity We Shall Merge
2. Silent Veil of My Doom
3. Queen of Night
4. Under an Ancient Oak
5. Without You (To Solitude Pt.2)
6. For One
7. On Ruins of Our Love
8. In My Room
9. You're Not Here (Silent Hill 3 Remix)

Duration : Approx. 69 minutes.

Visit the Tears of Mankind bandpage.

Reviewed on 23-07-2009 by Giovanni Guarnieri
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