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Year Of No Light : Nord

Year Of No Light is a French band founded in 2001, originating from Bordeaux. Releasing a debut after only one demo isn't something you hear about every day. They've played gigs with bands like Isis, Born Dead Icons and High on Fire. This should be some quality stuff!

Their sound is very similar to everything that can be compared with Isis. The rather sparsely used vocals are pretty Black Metalesque in most places, which go along well with the rest of the music. Why do all of these bands have to folow the rule of less is more when it comes to vocals? I'd love to hear a band that dares to break that unwritten law in this genre.

Every now and then there are some noise samples in the background that add some life into the music. After a soft and atmospheric intro, the band shows it's more aggressive side in a short song with a ridiculously long name, which is the actual highlight of this release. 'L'angoisse Du Veilleur De Nuit D'autoroute Les Soirs D'alarme á Accident' stands out from the rest with the way the keyboards are used - an almost symphonic feeling is present. Unfortunately, there are no more tracks in the same vein.

The third track 'Traversée' carries on where the intro left off. It goes on in the same style song after song until we finally arrive at the last track, which is the only one that is really Doomy. Slow and miserable, just as we all like it. More of that stuff would have been nice. It would have provided the release with more variation, which, the lack of, is my main problem with 'Nord'. All in all this is a good record but not a must have for anyone who isn't a big fan of the genre. There definitely is some potential and talent here though. Who knows what the future brings?

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sélénite *
2. L'angoisse Du Veilleur De Nuit D'Autoroute Les Soirs D'alarme á Accident *
3. Traversée *
4. Librium
5. Les Mains De L'empereur *
6. Tu As Fait De Moi Un Homme Meilleur *
7. Somnambule *
8. Prosodia *
9. Par Économie Pendant La Crise On Éteint La Lumiére Au Bout Du Tunnel *
10. La Bouche De Vitus Bering *

1. Lunar
2. The anxiety of the night watchman of the expressway on the nights of accident alarms
3. Crossing
5. The hands of the emperor
6. You made me a better man
7. Somnambulist/sleepwalker
8. Prosody
9. By saving throughout the crisis one extinghuishes the light in the end of the tunnel
10. The mouth of Vitus Bering

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes.

Visit the Year Of No Light bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kristian Larsson
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