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A somewhat raw-sounding solo project of multi-instrumentalist Mehtar, MistGuide, from Mikkeli, self-describe as Doom/Black/Avantgarde Metal. Using harsh,...
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Goat River : Goat River

In France, most of the Doom bands are located north of the Loire river. Some could say it's a sign to find Doom in the north, but let's face it: In southern France you have to make a very long trip to Spain if you want to get your dose of heavy riffing. This said, the first mCD of Goat River come as a pleasant surprise. Not only because they're one of the less-than-ten Doom bands you can find in southern France, but also because they're one of the rare Stoner/Doom ones available in this country.

So, coming from the city of Toulouse (most known to have been a bastion of the Cathar heresy and to be the place where the first ever catholic inquisition was launched; you can't be more Doomed than that), Goat River play it slow, heavy and psychedelic with influences ranging from The Melvins to Sleep and Kyuss. Bordering on pure Stoner Rock sometimes, the quartet still manage to be as heavy and dry as a desert mesa.

What makes Goat River interesting is the fact that the band is purely instrumental. So, no singer around here, just a pure riffing extravaganza. And the riffs are good, even great sometimes, managing perfectly to create a trance-like effect on more than one occasion (especially the massive 'Mount Rushmore's Mushroom', guarantee to make you trip without the use of any drug). The speed is slow as a neurasthenic snail, and the pace it brings makes the listening experience as good as any acid trip. For a first record, Goat River manage to sound fresh, if not that original, and capture damn well the feeling of their remarkable live performances. The only downside to this release is the bass, which is sometimes mixed a bit too far behind the other instruments. But this is a small flaw, and any lover of Stoner/Doom should check their Myspace and watch out for their next release, a split 7" EP with mountainous Stoner freaks Dispenser the Dispenser.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Only Living Is Dying
2. You Sure Need A Moustache
3. Man On A Throne
4. Mount Rushmore's Mushroom
5. Secular Of The Accusing
6. Pantocrator

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes.

Visit the Goat River bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-10-2009 by Laurent Lignon
Aesthetic Death
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