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Grieving Age : In aloof Lantern, Thy Beaqueathed a wailer Quietus...

If you were to make a list of the countries producing Doom Metal, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be on top of it. Therefore, it was quite a surprise to me to discover a band coming from that part of the World. Grieving Age, according to their biography, play a Doom/Death that's highly influenced by My Dying Bride. While this influence may ring true in their very literature-influenced lyrics, the music lies far from the Gothic Doom sound the Yorkshire bards have been known for the last decade.

Because Grieving Age plays it raw, plays it cold, and, most importantly, plays it punishing and uncompromising. If I had to compare them to other bands, I would rather look towards Mythic, the US Dusk or the current Runemagick. This is the same ultra-slow Death Metal sound, reeking of graves in the night and with the occasional bursts of violence. Still, Grieving Age never lose sight of the fact that they are playing Doom metal, and mournful riffs are quite abundant. In the vocal style, expect nothing but deep abyssal growls. So, what were have here is a rather good first album (in a very beautiful digipack), with songs going as long as 20 minutes. Flawless? Alas, no.

For Grieving Age brings nothing new to the table. What I mean is, while this album is damn enjoyable, it has too much of an European sound and could have been released by nearly any band in the Old World. The band is young and have plenty of rooms left for a future evolution, but I must say that, considering their country of origin, I was expecting maybe something a bit more original (like the use of traditional instruments). Grieving Age has a lot to say, the ideas are here and the potential big. Their lyrics are clearly influenced a lot by the classics of Arab poetry, and that's a major plus. If the music were to benefit from a bit more originality, then Grieving Age could very well become the leader of a new wave of southern Doom. I wish them the best, and hope they'll develop the numerous good ideas you can find on this release for their next record.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. A Quadrennial Dame Pyres, Hearses Shall Not Yawn, Thence...
2. Therefore, A Myriad Gargoyles Below Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee...

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes.

Visit the Grieving Age bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-11-2009 by Laurent Lignon
Rotten Copper
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