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Unperishable Fall : A Letter From Perish To Suicide

Unperishable Fall is an Iranian one-man Funeral Doom Band whose existence was totally unknown to me until I received this CD from Satanarsa Records, the Russia based underground label that happens to sign some very interesting bands within the genre we enjoy on this site.

At first, I believed it to be a Slavic band as it is all keyboard driven, in a classical and gloomy way. But let me say loud and clear that Moonhowl (that's the nick of the artist behind the project), be he from Iran or whichever Slavic country, has a talent of his own.

The intro gives a hint of what is to expect during the 38 minutes long wandering that awaits us: heavy and fatidic notes, a severe tone which won't be contradicted by the voice that emerge from the second track and onwards: a profound and hoarse voice, full of inner despair. It is sustained by a simple, crispy guitar lead and ominous, tribal drums. The overall atmosphere is quite dreamy and haunting. There's a sense of suspense in Unperishable Fall's universe that throw a bridge between Funeral Doom and Dark ambient. It's quite ascetic and subtle, a kind of music which you have to listen in the dark, to let it echo in the room you are; don't use headphones, the magical and immersive power of the crawling melodies will hit your imagination a lot stronger.

It's simple, but cleverly composed, Moonhowl shows a great talent in articulating all sorts of ghostly layers making the sound spectrum on display more vast than it could seem at first glance. Samples of thunder and rain, soft drumming (most often), droning waves, shivering bass, spectral piano lines that propel the listener into a sullen and introspective world.

Unperishable Fall stands quite apart. The album has much to offer to those willing to immerse themselves in a blurred, cottony, never aggressive yet utterly dark experience. Switch off the light and just let yourself sink.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.A Letter from Perish to Suicide
2.Beside Of Solitude
3.Silent Falling
4.The Perfume Of Decadence
5.Coup de Grace
6.Graven (Nortt Cover)

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes.

Visit the Unperishable Fall bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-01-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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