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Paul Chain - Experimental Information : Paul Chain - Experimental Information/Fucktotum Split

This is the first of only two releases made by Paul Chain under his project Paul Chain - Experimental Information. It is said that experimental jazz is one of the hardest music in the world to make so that might be the reason why. But this is not all jazz. It's in fact mixed 50/50 with heavy metal and thrash metal. This makes for quite an interesting concoction and Paul pulls that off amazingly well.

For once Paul Chain is not singing himself. This time it's a female that takes on that job, creating echoed spoken vocals. I can't find her name anywhere, but she should still be credited for doing an excellent job.

The music starts off silently, almost like ambient. Then it progresses to a long, pure and quiet jazz section with dark piano chords, snare hits and bass. After four minutes the metal kicks in and creates a riffing feast for the ears. It really gets the rhythm to work your blood through the veins. Playing air-guitar when listening to this is perfectly normal.

The second half of this split belongs to Fucktotum, an Italian thrash band which obviously hasn't released a lot of other stuff than this. The music can at times be doomy, but most of the time it's either grooving or aggressive in the way that thrash metal is known to be. And just like Mr. Chain, there is absolutely nothing one could complain about when it comes to the technical side of the music. The fact that the lyrics are in Italian might scare off some though.

I haven't done any extensive traveling in the land of thrash metal, yet, but I do hear similarities to some of the ones that I have heard. Like Floatsam And Jetsam and 'Kill 'Em All' era Metallica. There is probably a lot of bands which resembles the band more closely, but these are the closest that I know. At least the music focus on chugging riffage and it is excellent for high paced head-banging, just like the music of the aforementioned bands.

Not a doom release, but that shouldn't scare off those of you who enjoy heavy or thrash metal as well. This is in my ears one of the best things that Paul Chain has pulled off and his splitmates didn't do any worse.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Paul Chain - Experimental Information:
1. Glove And Sun

2. Zingara
3. Terzo Piano
4. Paura

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes.

Visit the Paul Chain - Experimental Information bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-04-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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