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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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This one man Ohio sludge/doom project by Chris Smith, used to play in the sludge/doom style thypical for that area. However the more recent stuff has many avant...
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Fall of Empyrean : A life Spent Dying

Fall Of Empyrean are like an old too-familiar tv show youíd know by heart; the characters, the plot, the settings and the satisfying moral and recurrent epilogue are always the same, reassuring and addictive. You know what youíll get but still, you enjoy wandering in that well-tried architecture, expertly designed, where all is there where you left it. You need your markers.

FOE have the great merit to stick to a fantasised canvas; an hypotetical archetype. Every derived feature that wouldnít fit in that archetype is left aside. All the energy and talent (that must be stressed) are employed in the only noble purpose to produce something classic in the purest sense of the term. Something you can refer to when you want to give an example of what DEATH DOOM is, how it sounds (not how it can sound).

Therefore, there is nothing futile or unnecessary in FOEís music. Deep growls, soft clean vocals, accoustic guitar (more than decent those parts!), super heavy riffing, atmospheric keyboard (a bit cheesy at times), lethargic drums, trudging odes of woe and spits of anger. But not too much. The album drifts along a large, dark but rather tranquil river. The rhythms are varied enough as it must be, giving each song a dynamic that keep you interested if never really enthusiastic.

I must say that up till now, FOE didnít really release a cd worth of praise; A Life Spent Dying wonít place them at the top of the genre either; but it is much more energizing than anything they have come up with before; Beside a musicianship that is beyond reproach, it shows interesting tensions, a vibrating consitency and a great ease in the building of good songs that are both powerful and melancholic (with the exception of the last track which is much more Death Metal inclined, fast and rabid Ė I like it very much I must say!)

On the whole, A Life Spent Dying is a piece of cake to anyone into extreme Doom, anyone accustomed to the darkest edge of Doom. Itís an easy album, it flows gently and ends without having caused any emotional deflagrations. It is a modest piece of music. Who said modest meant insipid? Not me! Its charms are real. Itís done with dedication and loyalty to the genre; as a Doom fan, Iím satisfied: I watched one more episode and enjoyed it once more.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Bereft
2. Breathe Deep the Cinders
3. Vast But Desolate
4. Anhedonia
5. The Air is Still
6. A Long Silence
7. Lifeless in My Arms
8. Veins Split Wide
9. Catharsis

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the Fall of Empyrean bandpage.

Reviewed on 24-05-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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