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Ultra Shit Inferno : Ultra Shit Inferno/Sloth Split

Album CoverAlbum Cover

This split was made in a total of 200 copies. 25 of them had a unique black card outer sleeve, but the rest are white. The Ultra Shit Inferno side have been airbrushed with different colors that seems to be unique on each copy. What is even more artsy is that none of the covers are made out of plastic. They are made of paper that has been sown together with black thread.

But enough with the trivia. Ultra Shit Inferno is first and they present the audience with maddening noise that has been compared to early Anal Cunt. The instruments and hissing is not really drenched in the noise. Instead they just seem to be covered in the jellylike fuzz. Jellylike? Yes, the noise seems to shiver just like jelly does when you nudge it. There is no structure at all on the track. It's really extreme in just about every way.

Sloth, on the other hand, have a certain structure. That is mainly due to the marching drums. The noise here is really loud and occasionally it's high pitched disturb most ears. If the noise is not enough then I'm sure most will notice the usual weird elements that Sloth uses. It will puzzle even the least sane mind. Otherwise the music has many similarities to what these guys have released on the splits with CSMD and Shitstorm (and several others).

Note that on Sloth's side of this split, the tracklist is not linear. If you believe what is written there then track 4 should switch places with track 2. Likewise with track 3 and 5. It is only when you listen to the lyrics that you'll discover the real tracklist. In this review the proper one has been listed instead of the one written on the cover.

This split will please all fans of 'stupid noise' in the veins of Anal Cunt. Both bands do an excellent job and I'm sure you'll will enjoy both of them. If you can handle this kind of stuff, that is.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Ultra Shit Inferno:
1. The Journey To Mount Helldom Part 2

2. I Just Want To Sukk & Fukk All The Little Girls That I See
3. We're Not Rupture But We Think You Should Get Fukked
4. My Name Is Not Tom Rojack Butt I Can Still Tell You To Get Out Of Here

Duration : Approx. 12 minutes.

Visit the Ultra Shit Inferno bandpage.

Reviewed on 04-06-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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