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The Antiprism : The Antiprism

There must be something in the water that people drink in the woods of Wisconsin, for I can see no other reason for such a complete psyched-out drug-induced experience as the one the 4-piece band The Antiprism can display. Let's first state that their music crosses over a bunch of genres that you wouldn't have thought could mate together. More or less, The Antiprism could be the bastard offspring of Hellhammer and Electric Wizard during a wild Walpurgis sabbat. And just don't let that über nekro cliché cover mislead you : despite an artwork and pictures that bring more cheese to the table than you can find in a french restaurant, The Antiprism are good. More than that, they strictly don't give a fuck about what you could think of them.

So, The Antiprism dwell on the occult side of Stoner, the one where you sure can also find a serious collection of old B movies videotapes. Musically, they play it raw, with a sound and an attitude not unlike what Darkthrone do since The Cult Is Alive : you know, crunchy guitars, heavy riffing, raspy vocals and the like.

Talking about the vocals, there really stand as the best part of the record : what a great idea it is to have two vocalists! Especially when the second one is a girl bound to win the 'Substitute Of The Wicked-Witch-From-The-West' contest. Now not only is Kristine a skilled drummer, she's also got the kind of vocals that come straight out an EC Comics opening. Alex complete the scene with your more traditional 'I Would Be Nothing If There wasn't Tom G. Warrior' style. And when both of them take the microphone, it's a hell of a ride (like on the awesome 'Filth Be Damned').

Truly, this record has little to do with Doom per se, mostly because the band plays generally up and mid-tempo, with a few slow-paced parts. But there's the same dark vibe that was present in early Black Sabbath and Pentagram, all this mixed with the rawness of Punk and early Black Metal.

Come to think of it, wasn't that what Winter was also all about? The Antiprism brings only more opium-fueled parts, and that's what makes them good. Really a good surprise, and a band to watch closely.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Antiprism
2. Exorcist
3. Echoes Of The Silver Star
4. Madness Eternal
5. Moonlight Overdrive
6. Obliterate Existence
7. Ice Song
8. Filth Be Damned
9. Eye Of Fire
10. Mutilated Mass
11. For Blood Red Skies

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes

Visit the The Antiprism bandpage.

Reviewed on 16-06-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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