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Aura Hiemis : While The rest Of The World Sleep...

If you missed the 2008 release of ’While The Rest Of the World Sleep...’ on FunerART Records, you still have a chance to lay hands on this second album by Aura Hiemis as it has just been re-released by Endless Winter with a complete re-worked artwork and packaging and a slightly different tracklist. The object itself is rather unusual and ambitious: the digipack is twice as long as a normal jewelcase for the same width! If you have a soft spot for naked women entangled in serpentine tree branches - and if you can stand a strong photoshopy touch, you’ll certainly love it.

You all know how melodic Death Doom can be full of clichés; hard to come up with something original with so worn-out tools. The vast majority of bands that have made themselves a nest in this niche can be put one behind another and nothing would stick out; to the point that you can use the same old references to describe rather accurately the way they all sound.

Aura Hiemis is a one-man band hailing from Chile; Herumor V is also active in Mar de Grises and you can hear there’s something that does stand out here. This is barely explainable; it’s something in the tone and some sort of an epic side that give me that feeling. The languid guitar lines expand with majesty, and although they offer little variation in every song, they never drag in a boring way. Between melancholy and despair, there’s a vast room left for an aural temple to settle. The voice is quite versatile also, Herumor V explores the dark ressources of his vocal abilities: whisper, raspy growls, black-ish shrieks, sensitive wailing clean chants; you’ll even find some ethereal female vocals in the mix.

That big temple that Aura Hiemis builds is essentialy made of long languid and somber guitar leads that underlie the compositions; they really knock you down, cover you with a heavy shroud, making you numb. It’s the strong frame of the bands’ instrumentation. Those leads are most often enhanced by simplistic riffs which stubbornly hammer their Doom, while you hardly notice the keyboards which bring even more depth and lightness to the music. There's a good flow between all songs, what gives the impression that they're all parts of the same strong architecture. There’s also a passage made of extracts of the American broadcast that, together with the Doom sections, conveys an unexpected intensity - that to express the band's will to get a bit off the beaten track.

Aura Hiemis stands above average. Under the analysis, you only perceive some simple songwriting, some simple skills, but the fact is obvious: something strong is operating. ’While The Rest Of the World Sleep...’ (sic) is a very good Death Doom album that should find its due place in your collection between Mar De Grises/ ’The Tatterdemalion Express’ and Lethargia/ ’The kingdom Of Unrealizable Hopes’ (for instance).

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. V Demonae
2. Chained & Bonded
3. Whispers in the Dark
4. Made to Lose It All
5. A Morning to Fade Away (Featuring Andres Piña)
6. Bozhestvennoe Vmeshatelstvo
7. Sponsa Obscuritas

Duration : Approx. ??? minutes

Visit the Aura Hiemis bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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