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This band plays traditional doom with stoner rock hints and very strong Black Sabbath influence. The band has a tendency to sound almost identical to ...
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Machetazo : Corrupted/Machetazo Split

It happens once every blue moon that Corrupted doesn't use Spanish lyrics. Now that they do for once have their lyrics in English, they go make a split with a Spanish band. This strikes me to be more than a little odd, but the music is still good so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

Corrupted has also chosen to do another rather particular thing on this split. They have made two short songs instead of one long. On their first track, they don't play any faster than they normally do. Neither have they left out any of their heaviness or filthy sound. In fact, the music pretty much includes everything that you can expect to hear from these guys. The second track is rather the opposite. It's perhaps even a bit too hardcore to be considered real doom metal.

As already mentioned, Machetazo is a Spanish band, and they focus mainly on playing a death metal influenced mixture of hardcore and grindcore. The music isn't as fast as one usually would expect from a grindcore band. It's actually quite slow in comparison to most of the bands in the genre. Their first track, 'Potro De Tortura' (translated: "torture pony"), has a few fast sections, but that's all. Also unlike other grind bands, the music is often quite groovy. Yet, while one might think that this may be of interest to doom fans I still doubt that it will be (unless they also like hardcore/grindcore).

In the end I must admit that Corrupted have made better tracks than this and they have made splits with better bands than Macheetazo. It's not a bad release, but there are others that are far more important Corrupted splits to get your hands on.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Life
2. Silent Assassin

3. Potro De Tortura
4. Nitter Truth (Version De Saint Vitus)

Duration : Approx. 14 minutes.

Visit the Machetazo bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-07-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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