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Cold, claustrophobic and bleak Funeral Doom. Muffled voice whispering obscure curses, raw and grainy production. Offering little variations throughout the songs...
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Crowned In Earth : Visions of the Haunted

To all those fanatics whose stubborn intelligence, asphixiated by a stinky dogmatism, have drawned a impermeable line inside the vast realm of Doom Metal between Trad. Doom and Death Doom, buidling batsions of Undeniable Truth and fortresses of Real Faith, a man has brought his message of alliance. Kevin Lawry is that man: active on the Death Doom field with Silent Winter as in Trad. Doom with Crowned In Earth, his talent and dedication prove that a unique spirit is operating within both genres and that open-minded people are able to see and appreciate the strong bridges that link them.

Crowned In Earth is a two-men band: Kevin sings and plays all instruments, leaving the drumsí parts to Darin McCloskey. The bandís Doom is deeply rooted in the finest heritage: paying tribute to the glorious fathers, it offers nothing you haven't heard before: intensive Sabbath riffs, exciting Saint-Vitus moods, awesome Trouble heaviness. Itís all there but the dust has been swept away, and the groovy though sinister gleam lively shines again.

The bluesy guitar work is concise and effective, the drumming is dry and classic, Kenvinís voice is nasal and a bit imprecise; a roughness that I like and that gives a sincere and deep vibe to the whole music. It should be added that, all his vocal flaws put aside, Kevin Lawry is capable of some cool modulations, flowing nicely within the versatile compositions: itís far, far to be flat Doom! Fierce, wailing, crushing, hypnotic, the songwriting conveys all sort of feelings one always wishes to hear on a Doom album worthy of the name.

The band does its duty with energy and a communicative pleasure; this is finely done: mid-tempo Doom Metal that rolls and rocks in the old great 70ies style, entwined with somber and funerary crawling rhythms. The keyboards could bring the band into a more personal sphere Ė and an upper level of quality- if they would be given a bit more room to express their kind of spectral, yet decadent accents which make me think of Abysmal Griefís Ďdark kitschí (that being said with all respect!).

Admittedly Crowned In Earth bring nothing new to the genre, but there is such a talent in making it all flow with simplicity, such a creativity in the way all the subtelties and potential of Doom Metal are wholeheartedly exploited that I can only give it my total support.

No doubt, Shadow Kingdom Records has spot another very good band; íVisions of the Hauntedí is a cool album, maybe a bit to respectful of the Ancientsí masterworks, but it is worth your attention. Give it a listen, I think youíll be rewarded.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. The Sun Never Stays
2. The Voice That Controls
3. Downward Spiral
4. Miles I Walk
5. Awaken

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Crowned In Earth bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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