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This extremely heavy funeral doom two piece hails from Barcelona. The music focuses on the grim and suicidal, using both brutal growls and haunting whispers. Pe...
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Celestiial : Where Life Springs Eternal

How do you like Nature? Do you find cool to wander through the woods after a heavy rain has soaked the ground? Do you like shivering from cold at the foot of a cascading torrent? Do you feel solace in the contemplation of stormy clouds? You’d better do if you're willing to give this second full-length of Celestiial a chance.

The band's mastermind has always shown a peculiar sense of misanthropy that is expressed in the omnipresence of an aura of nature in his music, a taste for harsh isolation that explodes in his black-ish lamentations. Blackened Funeral Doom is already not everybody’s cup of tea; drown it in an ‘evironmentalist’ soundtrack and it might lost an even larger part of the audience.
If you haven’t any heartstrings for ecologist concerns, if you percieve nature as an enemy, as an inferior entity, subordinated to Man; first, shame on you, secondly, don’t read further, Celestiial won’t convince you more.

‘What should Celestiial convince me of?’, could you ask... As long as philosophy is concerned, I don’t know precisely; I can guess however, like I did above, that the guy is fond of nature and feels miserable and out-of-place in our globalized, ultra materialistic world.
As long as music is concerned, things are clearer: Celestiial is a two-headed monster. For one part, it conveys all the features of blackened Funeral Doom – shrill shrieks, monolithic riffs, cataclysmic drums; for the second one, it thoughtfully roams in the woodlands, observing the water flowing between boulders, breathing the moist air, smiling to the rays of sunlight tightened like thick chords through the undergrowth.

The fringe becomes really thin between Funeral Doom and Ambient music; this is slow as hell, along the line of Until Death Overtakes Me with a large draught of Nortt and a pinch of Dictator. This is an oppressive and blissful experience at the same time; a haunting walk through silence and thunder transcended by a deep mystical vision.

Not everyone's cup of tea as I said, but if your predispositions invite you to that kind of voyage, don’t hesitate, you might find some of us on the road.

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Spell Over Still Water
2. Great Storms Carry My Sadness
3. From Elm Blossoms a Rose
4. Offering in Cedar Smoke
5. Songbirds Depart Through the Passing Near the Garden

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Celestiial bandpage.

Reviewed on 29-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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