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Sorrows Path : Resurrection

Sorrows Path is the second Mediterranean, power metal influenced, traditional doom band to suffer a fate so unfortunate that it almost got lost in the grip of Chronos. The other band would be All Souls' Day. There are indeed many musical similarities between them as well, but more about that later. There are several reasons as to why Sorrows Path ended up living up to its name. The band started in 1993, founded by Takis Drakopolous and Kostas Salomidis. The death of Drakopolous in 1995, due to a serious brain disease, was a setback for the band but they still managed to continue until 1998 when all the bandmembers were called in to do service in the Greek army. The intention then was to reunite and continue the band two years later. As a final sign that fate really had it in for these guys, Salomidis, the only living founder of the band, was almost paralyzed in 2000 due to a neck injury from an old motorcycle accident. It took a whole nine years between their last demo and the first signs of 'Resurrection': a promo called 'Remastered 2005'. It contains the same tracks as on the album. The tracks are all remasterings of old demo tracks from 1996 and 1995, but it is rumored that the band is already planning on doing new recordings. The 'Queen Of Doom...' track on the DVDr is a track that hasn't been released before so it looks promising. Let's hope fate is done torturing them.

As already stated, 'Resurrection' contains music that is similar to All Souls' Day. This in turn means drawing on references from Memento Mori and the Solitude Aeturnus vein in general. However, a clearer Black Sabbath-ic influence (much the same as on the early Paul Chain Violet Theatre releases) can be found in Sorrows Path and you can really feel the music leaning backwards into the old school. Epic vocals, as from the early power metal bands, breaks with the orthodox leanings and shows how the band stands with one foot in the 'now' and the other in the 'then'. As an additional power metal influence the pace is often a bit too high for me to call it real doom metal, however that effect is solely due to the tempo and so I expect quite some controversy at that point. Anyways, I can't really imagine that it should matter much to the listener since the grooving doomster would probably nod approvingly to the headbanger friendly riffs that are now emanating from my speakers. As such, the bandname probably fits better as a description of the bands fate rather than it's music.

There's not much to say about the multimedia CDr that came with the promo, but the DVDr that also came with it is indeed quite interesting. It's recorded in April 2006 from the same show as the pictures on the CDr. There's only one camera used to record the performance, but the sound quality is quite good for a self-made recording. It also shows one thing that has really impressed me. The power and majesty of vocalist Angelos Ioannidis' vocals aren't just perfectly tuned on the demos that the album is based on, he really does have that good a voice, making him one of the best live power vocalists that I've heard. With an excellent Candlemass cover to boot, this DVDr is highly recommended and I hope it will be released to the public in the future. As a matter of fact, we at Doom-metal.com were offered to host it, but due to the bandwidth load that would put on us that would mean we'd likely have to upgrade our host account. I still hope the band finds someone who can host it and I'm high with anticipation for any future releases by the band. The band was dead for far more than three days, and now that they are resurrected, the band deserves to have many more years of greatness before they reach their Bethany.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Disk 1 (CD) - 'Resurrection':
1. No Possibility (1996)
2. Flower (1995)
3. Prince Of The Night (1995)
4. True Hope (1995)
5. Land Of Illusions (chopar) (1995)
6. Sorrow's Path (1995)

Disk 2 (CDr) - Multimedia Disk:
The logo in three different formats (gif, jpg and tif).
Four jpg images from the studio, taken in 2006.
One jpg image from a live concert in 1995.
Six jpg images of their live concert in April 2006, when they were the support band for Solitude Aeturnus.
A one-page doc document called Band's Biography.

Disk 3 (DVDr) - Live on April 2006:
1. Prince Of The Night
2. Queen Of Doom (new song)
3. Flower
4. No Possibility
5. Seven Silver Keys (Candlemass cover)

[note by author: The multimedia CDr and the DVDr came only with the promo version.]

Duration : Approx. 70 minutes.

Visit the Sorrows Path bandpage.

Reviewed on 29-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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