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Capilla Ardiente : Solve Et Coagula (EP)

Let me introduce you the new Epic Doom heroes : Capilla Ardiente. Try to remember that name. I predict it will echoe in the Doom reviewers’ columns in a not too far future… I have the impression to start this review by the end; this sounds like a conclusion: ‘this is great, mandatory, now buy it’. Okay, now it is said – what I intended to do at the real end, anyway.

If I jumped over the usual introduction and description of the album, it’s only because of my immediate enthusiasm, this Epic Doom that instantally hooked my soul, bringing me shivers along the spine, infusing huge amounts of emotion and pathos and ultimately, leaving me wanting MORE! What, on a side note, will come very soon, like their label Nothern Silence let me understand.

So, This is a two-tracks ep: ’Solve Et Coagula’. Let’s now bend my rules and make a track-by track review.

It all start with ‘Solve’, a song divided in two parts. A muffled droning guitar sound covering the sample of a storm thundering in the distance let predict something ominous and tragic that eventually blossoms and explodes in the magic voice of Felipe Plaza. His vocal abilities pull the music – flawless per se- to heights you only encounter in the best moments of Candlemass, Forsaken or Mercyful Fate. He dares pushing his vocal chords to the limits, screaming like an alarmed female opossum. Which can sound weird, which is in fact great. Rob Halford did it before and within the gloomy tempest, this works as efficient spurs.

I already mentioned the droning effect that the guitar produces, this also gives a peculiar taste to Capilla Ardiente’s Doom, this makes for a whirling dynamic, somewhat blurred too; it sounds so tragic and despondent, you’re crushed under the unrelenting gloom. Some fleeting leads, sharp like a razor, come an go, adding even more energy to a track that displays all the elements of a perfect epic Doom song.

Then comes ‘Coagula’, that works as a response to ‘Solve’. The storm leaves place to wind, a bell rings; then comes a gentle accoustic line that all of a sudden is broken by an ultra heavy plodding rythmic section, insistently proceeding to a cataclysmic rampage. That very efficient doomy rythmic basis is used as a flying carpet by Felipe’s voice which swirls around in his weeping, soaring manner. The song is a tad faster than ‘Solve’, more straightforward and authoritative. Heavy Soloing, punchy drumming ( Alejandro Arce from Mar de Grises does his duty with conviction ). This all ends in a perfect sonic maelstrom.

To the real conclusion, now - it wil be very short: this is a great ep. Capilla Ardiente are Chilean. The band was founded by Felipe who also plays in Procession. Remember their name; I tell you a new Doom herald is born.

Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Solve (part I: Materia Vvlgar, part II: Disolvción)
2. Coagula (part III: Phoenicopervs, part IV: Coagvlación)

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the Capilla Ardiente bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-09-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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