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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Paul Chain started out in the horror-shock band Death SS in 1977, a band that combined (doomish) metal and theatrics. In 1979 he formed Paul Ch...
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Cathedral : The Guessing Game

The title of this cd is not innocent: along the 85 minutes that this double-album lasts, Cathedral play with our nerves and our knowledge of the band. Like on his previous offering, The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Cathedral offer here a gigantic rollercoaster the sole purpose of which seems to both destabilize the listener while taking fun of that.

Only a song like ’Funeral Of Dreams’ (which opens the album, after a short intro) is guaranteed to knock on the ass even the most loyal fans of the band: spoken words, mellotron overall, a female singer coming to say hello ...

Do not worry, everything eventually returns to normal for the rest, and you’ll find again what makes Cathedral so dear to our hearts: the ability to write a track that goes instantly classic. You want a memorable riff? There are plenty. Extraordinary vocal performances? Lee Dorian delivers his best show in years. And the rhythmic section is not outdone, it never sounded so in-tune with the ideas the couple Dorian / Jennings can come up with.

It is difficult to summarize all the musical joy that The Guessing Game can give you; between progressive ecstasy from the 70's (‘Cats, Incense, Candles And Wine’) and the more conventionally Metal (‘Hedwig's Eyes’, ‘Death Of An Anarchist’) or Rock songs (‘Casket Chasers’, ‘La Noche del buque Maldito’).

Where The Garden Of Unearthly Delights piled up the pieces of bravura, but lacked ambition in the end, The Guessing Game solves all what could appear as ‘problems’ by offering a much improved version and much more personal. While starting their third decade of existence, The guys from Cathedral offer us their masterpiece. No less.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Disc 1
1. Immaculate Misconception
2. Funeral of Dreams
3. Painting in the Dark
4. Death of an Anarchist
5. The Guessing Game
6. Edwige's Eyes
7. Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine

Disc 2
1. One Dimensional People
2. The Casket Chasers
3. La Noche del Buque Maldito (aka Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead)
4. The Running Man
5. Requiem for the Voiceless
6. Journeys into Jade

Duration : Approx. 85 minutes

Visit the Cathedral bandpage.

Reviewed on 22-10-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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