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Cough : Ritual Abuse

'Cough, cough!' made Ozzy back then... Remember the song? The American Cough did...

I love the southern United States! Really I do; not so much for its delicious food and kick-ass music scene, but also because of a certain ‘state of mind’ that has recently been highlighted by the development of the Tea Party: you know, a finesse, a subtle subtlety , the funny deliquescence of brain cells and the overall severe lack of knowledge about ‘modern world’. All that peculiar idiosyncrasy can only delight Beavis-The-Moron that lives inside me.

Hailing from Virginia, a State most citizens of which still live under the 19th century Civil War, come now Cough. If you're wondering why they came up with that name, learn they chose it in relation to the first 5 seconds of 'Sweet Leaf' by Black Sabbath: you get the idea. And to be frank, their music sounds exactly like this cough that grips Ozzy after his first puff from some strong shit.

If you find Electric Wizard occult and drugged-out, I have to tell you that Cough offer basically the same recipe as 'Witchcult Today' but darken the 5 tracks of this album (the shortest being 7 minutes long)with spits of anger, shouts and the best Sludgey riffs. You think you're trapped in a filthy barn deep in the woods, away from everything and at the local cannibals’ mercy, when you understand, when the fabulous clear voice bursts in, that you won’t be transformed into meals but offered into sacrifice! That clear ritualistic chant that praises Lucifer really stands out and propels Cough far beyond the state of mere follower.

Never the alternation between muggy Sludge and hypnotic Stoner has been so convincingly executed than on the two monumental 'Mind Collapse "(opening the album) and ‘Ritual Abuse '(which is aptly named and closes the album). There, you dwell in the atmosphere of an old Tobe Hooper’s film, the soundtrack of which was composed by some Charles Manson’s disciples, dancing naked and completely freaked out under the red full moon. The effect is striking, and our three men manage to blow cold chills along your spine more than once.

Glory be to cannabis, wood roots alcohol, tobacco from Virginia and horror movies from the 80s to have been such essential components in the creation of this marvellous album. A must buy to store next to the new Electric Wizard (which is as good).

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.Mind Collapse
2.A Year In Suffering
3.Crippled Wizard
4.Crooked Spider
5.Ritual Abuse

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Cough bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-06 by Laurent Lignon
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