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Cebren-Khal : A Mass Of Despair

Tragic and violently dramatic ,Cebren-Khal bring you a whole mass of despair.

Cebren-Khal are far from being an unknown band to all who are a bit seriously following the French Doom scene. Responsible for a good first demo in 2005, the band from North-West France had then entered the Drudenhaus Studios to record their first official album. It was in 2007, and despite some vague interest in it, it still wasn’t enough for Cebren-Khal to find a decent label.

It took 3 more years and the perseverance of their friends from Wedding In Hades for 'A Mass Of Despair' to be eventually released by BadMoodMan Music, the sub-division of the Russian Solitude Productions. Like a lot of bands on this label, Cebren-Khal play a fairly melodic Doom / Death, but their originality lies in the incorporation of some Metal parts I tend to associate with the French scene. Listening to the clear voice, more declaimed rather than sung, it is difficult not think of Forbidden Site in ‘La Chouanne’ e.g., Anorexia Nervosa in its most tragic moments or the first Misanthrope (the second part of 'The Lunar Tragedy’ sounds like a half-brother of ‘Maudit sois-tu Soleil!’ re-recorded by My Dying Bride with Robert Smith on vocals!). And here lies the originality of Cebren-Khal: The band doesn’t hesitate to break the stranglehold of the territories where Doom / Death usually dwells, venturing in faster tempos (think Dark Tranquillity at its best ), but without ever losing sight of its original ground.

The songs are long but never boring, and the alternation of styles is well balanced. Too bad the album is so short (less than 40 minutes)! I’d really like to hear what the band would be able to offer on a longer run. In any case, the potential is there and Cebren-Khal clearly deserve the attention of those who were longing for originality in that ‘literary’ Doom / Death branch, so to speak.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Mortshaped
2. The Lunar Tragedy Act 1: The Parcae’s Night is Sleepless
3. The Lunar Tragedy Act 2: Mouroir, Mouroir, Suis-je le Plus Mort?
4. The Lunar Tragedy Act 3: Experience of Downfall
5. Where All Faith is Lost

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Cebren-Khal bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-07 by Laurent Lignon
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