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Asofy : Information/Noise

Asofy's twisted odes of woe meet Sleeping Village's bleak distortions.

If Punk’s not dead, then Doom/Black isn’t either. Asofy and The Sleeping Village forge an alliance and present together a 30-minute split consisting of only two compositions, it’s Doom, remember?

’Information/Noise’ is its name and somehow it fits well with everything this split is about, especially the second part of the title when it comes to The Sleeping Village song. This release comes in a beautiful and well-formed digi-pack edition, a bleak artifact in its own demise, ready to enslave your mind in obscure and kind of gentle torturous ways and by saying this I mean it holds a warm aesthetic, like the blood running deep within your veins.

Concerning Asofy, if you’re a fan of the genre I bet you recall 2001’s ’ebYm’, it had quite an impact on the scene back then, afterwards we lost their signal until 2007 when a EP came out and now they’re back, delivering vibes of existence. ‘Il Silenzio Per Parlare’ is here to break the silence with its overwhelming melodic disheartenment. Every single moment breathes pain, from the melodic harmonics on the guitars to the afflicted screams. The obscure thing, in a good manner of speaking, is the fact that during its first half if there’s something that proves it’s still Metal, it has to be the screams and part of the drumming at times. The guitars inflict major calmness on the overall atmosphere then suddenly burst into a raging river of melancholy during the second half of that escalating composition with more aggressive screams and firing drumming and as it reaches its end it holds an epic sense of grandeur.

As for The Sleeping Village, they’ve been around for almost a decade now, yet a full-length release hasn’t seen the light of day thus far and all you will find are EPs, demos and splits, like this one. ‘To The Harsh Corners Of Reality’ is a composition with a warm aura and, as I mentioned above, a noisy atmosphere that is omnipresent through its whole duration; it must be the key to this ambiance I suppose and it works really well dare I say, without messing up its organic sound. Acoustic harmonies, static and demented riffing, an ideal rhythm section so as to hold together the main structure of the song and some painful echoing shrieks that conceal all tranquility is what you’ll find lying in here, along with a heavy distortion that plays its part in the noisy pathways lurking all over the place. One big plus has to be the drum sound which I found some kind of a tribal beating in the overall madness and this song holds loads of it!

’Information/Noise’ is neither a gem nor a rock in the pits of hell, it serves its purpose on reminding us Asofy and The Sleeping Village are into town and they don’t intend to surrender, in a bleak manner of speaking of course! Fans of genre could purchase this slpit, it won’t disappoint, on the contrary.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Il Silenzio per Parlare

Sleeping Village
2. To the Harsh Corners of Reality

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Asofy bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-23 by Konstantinos Vertzizis
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