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Kamni : Ep 2010

Kamni is one of those few Russian bands that don't play Extreme Doom. And they are good at that!

Kamni is a Russian outfit playing unique Stoner Doom. In Kamni you’ll hear the influence of many notable Doom and Stoner acts like early-Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin, but Kamni comes away with their own voice.

After a spacey intro, “Bong of Satan” begins. “Bong of Satan” is a ripper—pun intended. The riff is churned and churned and churned, thickening into a stew of massive riffs and sci-fi sound effects. The melody is great, but the singer is trying a bit too hard singing above his normal range. There’s a great voice and vocal melodies, but it’s straining. You can tell. It isn’t natural.

“1947” is eight minutes of improvement. The singer does a better job of not forcing it, and just lets his vocals sail over the music. This is a much more solid piece for Kamni. The structure is a bit more open, which allows for better musicianship and creativity. And Kamni has plenty of it. Why I believe Kamni is going to be a successful Stoner-Doom act, is evident on their EP: each track is better and more unique.

Exhibit B: “Trip to Earth.” It made me stop what I was doing. “Trip to Earth” has three things: a minimalist sound effect, tribal drumming, and a hip-hop drum beat. It’s just another example that Kamni is a band with tricks up its sleeves.

“Repatriation of God” begins with a slow and brooding, ominous but hypnotic riff, which displays the heavy side of the band. It ends with strange chimes and bells. “Sun Inside” is a nice instrumental. It’s showcasing a lighter attack, a softer mood of the band, an extra dimension. The song is like a ‘sun inside’ the band: an area of lightness within the thick riffing.

What surprises me about this EP is it radically changes track-to-track. It’s what makes the band stand out against dozens of other heavy acts I’ve reviewed and forgotten. Kamni becomes more original as time goes on. Because of all the dynamics and layers, the EP seems a bit unfocused. But look at the big picture. See where Kamni is going. On the EP they’re exploring just what they can do. What boundaries they can hit, and what they can go beyond.

It will be interesting to see if Kamni learns to play the balancing act. For a debut effort, they’ve laid out all their tools. Now they just need to decide one thing: what they plan to build.

Note by the Admin.: Kamni’s Ep is offered for free by the band. It can be downloaded HERE

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Bong of Satan
3. 1947
4. Trip to Earth
5. Repatriation of God
6. Sun Inside

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Kamni bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-28 by Mark Berckles
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