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Graveyard Dirt : For Grace Or Damnation

Graveyard Dirt once again deliver their brand of authentic, mineral Doom Death.

Each geographical/cultural territory has its own aesthetics, its own music tradition and overall sound. In Ireland, the Metal scene is occupied by bands whose visions share the same artistic heritage made of centuries of rebellious minds shaped by arid and desolate landscapes, great poverty and the condescension and cruelty of the English occupation.

Type 'Ireland' in Metal Archives, type also 'Doom' for good measure and you’ll get at least three well-know bands: Mourning Beloveth, Mael Mordha and Graveyard Dirt; to this little Irish stew, I personally would like to add a bit of This Weary Hour (now renamed People Of The Monolith) and a hint of Primordial. All these bands develop the same kind of tense moods underlined by a unique savage spirit which is expressed in a certain kind of virile melancholy and somber epicness.

Graveyard Dirt release today 'For Grace Or Damnation', their first full-length coming after an EP and a more ancient demo. The Doom warriors once again deliver their brand of authentic, mineral Doom Death, that, although Irish, has a strong Peaceville Three-smell. Some might call it ‘generic’, well, in a sense, it is. It is as generic as a traditional hand-brewed local beer. They more or less all taste the same, the ingredients are the same and the know-how as fine as in a hundred of other places, but, if you let it flow slowly, and repeatingly, you’ll notice oh-so-many little things that make this album a singular experience. The songwriting alternates sensitive quiet moments and climaxing crushingness that can only give you shivers of contentment and ultimately, satisfy your thirst. Just listen to 'The Search For Solitude' or 'A New Days Fire' (with the little guitar chord that reminds me of 'The Cry Of Mankind') to be convinced.

There is something in the tragic sour tone of the guitars, the clash of the cymbals, the pounding drums, the dry growls and dark-sounding spoken words that propels you inside the wild Irish culture, as fantasized as it may be. Ghosts of past, desolation, mournful souls and angry men; they all gather together in Graveyard Dirt's sober atmospheric compositions. This is a sincere celebration of a Genre, Doom Death driven on by despair... as it must.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. By Wind And Time
] 2. Daylights Wrath
3. These Hands Defiled
4. Enslaved By Grief
5. The Search For Solitude
6. Silence Awakes
7. Solace
8. A New Day Fire

Duration : Approx. 61 minutes

Visit the Graveyard Dirt bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-15 by Bertrand Marchal
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