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Fungoid Stream : Oceanus

Fungoid Stream invite you to a spiritual exercise once again.

The Funeral Doom duo Fungoid Stream invite you to a spiritual exercise once again. This second full-length had been announced for years, and now it lays in my hands and it was worth the wait.

Fungoid Stream havenít dropped any of their singular features: their sound is very typical and unmistakable. Itís all very much based on keyboard and drum-programming; an artificial, digital basis which wonít be humanized by the use of a deep bleak growling either. However, all that electronic fabric is directed toward one very sensitive and emotional goal that summons the voice of earthly life: whaleís chant, aquatic sounds, female and male choirs, the traces are very tangible. The rhythms vary a lot from one song to another and different tools are each time used to express the profound mystique Fungoid Stream are trying to achieve, but the foundations are alike and very recognizable: pulsating drums, hectic and pounding with authority and keyboard releasing fragile soaring chords or ethereal choirs map out the road for a depressing religious voyage. Those can also give way to some variations: the drumming sounds dry and metronomical, the keys turn to piano, expand to the size of a symphonic orchestra, releasing stirring violinsí lines and appeased bass chords, walking hand in hand with a humming rhythm... the voice itself can mutate into distorted murmurs, fragile whispers or childish mumbling.

The melancholic chants of a whale work in a stunning way on the track ĎInterludeí, at half-course of the album and, together with manly choirs, they kind of draw the outlines of the Book of Relelations Fungoid Stream are writing for our enlightment.

The music is not alienating at all, but haunting, odd, eerie and fascinating. It conveys all along a feeling of mystery and, strangely enough, of peace and contentment. Tears of contentment. Fungoid Stream have been granted the gift of tears; a good Funeral doomster has to suffer a deep, immaterial angst. Itís a time for internalization and piety.

The worst part of the album is that it has to end. And it comes fast, as itís only 42 minutes long. Unfortunately, you canít always remain in a fervent desire for absolute, neither dwell for ever in the heights of inner contemplation; at the end, you have to get down to mundane occupations and go on carrying, even with disgust, the burden of your life.

Reviewer's rating: 10/10


Tracklist :
1. Star Winds
2. Antarktos
3. The Gardens of Yin
4. Interlude - The Pnakotic Manuscripts
5. Night-Gaunts
6. Oceanus
7. Nemesis

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Fungoid Stream bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-25 by Bertrand Marchal
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