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Shine, My Boregarden : Sunshine

Shine, My Boregarden's totally digitalized sound brings an interesting coldness.

Strange like sometimes you can become accustomed to things that let you cold and indifferent at first, even a bit acrimonious and disdainful. Shine, My Boregarden is a one-man Funeral Doom band from Russia, one among thousands that only have to dig their stricken wake to us, Western Doom fans. I’ll wait for them. In the meantime, Shine, My Boregarden has set his camp in my living room, in the course of countless listening sessions (I had to do this review for a long time, but couldn’t find the proper words to say nicely how boring I found it), we got to know each other, now, we’re friends. With time passing by, spins after spins, he convinced me of his good will: I let him take me to his dark, brooding playgrounds and I understood him.

Shine, My Boregarden is stripped to the bone. A large part of the music is digitalized and this brings a rawness and a coldness that carve a striking feeling of void, even strengthened by the way the vocals are rendered: gurgling, jerky growls, hammering each syllabe. Ultimately, together with fuzzy guitar’s chords, artificial drums (not too frantically programmed for once – except on some parts, where it can become a real nuisance) and timid, scarce piano notes, it all draws the outlines of a desolate and utterly despondent landscape.

The pace varies very little, the rhythm is binary and so repetitive it could be followed on a metronome. There are some abrupt rhythmic collapses, like a deep breathing within the song before it starts crawling in a monotonous way again. But what really makes Shine, My Boregarden quite original within the slavic Funeral Doom realm, is the way he seems to have deliberately chosen to sound artificial. The music becomes incarnate in its very bleak electronic dimension, with statics and distorded sounds, false ethereal choirs, false symphonic impetus, false cello, false voice... this synthetic texture transcends its basic intention in a way.

I won’t try to describe my new friend better than he really is; he has its flaws, he can be rather boring too: the drums can pummel in a very systematic feeling-less way, the keys can sound too overwhelming, the overall rhythm can work like a stupid steam machine thrown at full speed, choking and thundering, without finesse. But there’s also that ghastly vibe, the hypnosis he’s capable to create. He can be as irritating as he can be intriguing, but he’s very sociable and you could even invite him to your own place. I advise you to do just that.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Разумное, доброе, вечное
2. Sunshine
3. Monkeys
4. Мирный атом - в каждый дом
5. The Cloudburst under My Vault
6. Nobody Cares
7. Granite
8. Хозяин морей
9. Spawn of Depression

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes

Visit the Shine, My Boregarden bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-20 by Bertrand Marchal
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