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Amplified Heat : Amplified Heat

This is a reissue of the very limited (200 copies) debut EP by Austin, Texas maniacs Amplified Heat. It boasts better production than the original and two extra tunes, 'She Drank the Wine' and 'Mornings Warning.' They were recorded back in '03 but have been unavailable until now. So even if you were among the select few who actually scored a copy back then, you'll need to buy this version as well, 'cause we all know you can never have enough heat, right?

The two extra tracks were omitted because at that time the band's material was evolving from blues to hard rock, and they were inconsistent with that vision. Now that the group has attained a sense of balance between its past and present, it's time to finally issue those tunes. Well, I don't mean to contradict the 3 brothers Ortiz who make up Amplified Heat, but to these ears those bluesy tunes sit quite comfortably with the rest, because the whole thing is enveloped in a swirling musical madness that no one can deny. The group's ever-widening circle of energy junky fans - those who demanded this re-ish - will testify to The Heat's throbbing, at times terrifying, musical presence. This platter will clue you in on the group's earlier days and their introduction to Austin's Red River music scene.

What is it you love about these guys? It's got to be the sense of absolute unpredictability. I can easily envision them coming on stage stone naked or in tutus or in tuxes. Funny thing is, they'd never lose cred no matter what they wore, because you know for a fact that they rip whatever sleazy venue they're playing in down to the foundation then toss a grenade on the ruins for good measure. So looks are beside the point:- this is crackling stoner blues boogie punk, a screaming, sweaty creation that is always balancing on one wheel, ready to leave the rails to plow through housing developments, old folks' homes, and orphanages. Good Gawd! Ironically, music this full of energy can only be played by those who've mastered their instruments well, then thrown it all to the winds with cathartic abandon.

Although Amplified Heat seems to exist in some eternal, adrenaline-soaked NOW, their roots can be traced back to ZZ Top, Cactus, good Mudhoney, and Jon Spencer. They'd be ideal on a bill with Bad Wizard, Hognose, Five Horse Johnson, and of course Dixie Witch. Hell yeah! But the strangest thing of all with these guys is the sense of innocence that occasionally wafts through between the bars; as in a lack of guile, a genuine enthusiasm, a foresworn irony. It may seem bizarre to use such a word with dudes that are more frequently characterized as "stubbled," "fried," or even "lethal," but there you are. Pick up on this sweaty document. It'll hold you over during these long winter nights.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Heart Attack
2. I Don't Care
3. Bi-Polar
4. Mornings Warning
5. Contrabandista
6. She Drank That Wine
7. Dead Man Walking

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes

Visit the Amplified Heat bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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