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Subsilence : Granite Planet

Subsilence play Doom/Death with a Stoner vibe, or, if you prefer, Stoner Doom overdosing on proto-Death.

At first, I really thought that our boss Bertrand Marchal had finally lost the little part of his sanity that was left intact after years spent listening to Doom. «You'll like it» he said to me, «This stuff has a big 'Forest Of Equilibrium' side to it»... which is exactly what I didn't get when listening to the opening song ‘I Am Megalodon’: this mid- to up-tempo crusher is more like Orange Goblin having decided to re-record 'Triumph Of Death'...

Which is a good way to describe the general music displayed by this new four- piece UK band: Doom Death with a Stoner vibe, Or Stoner Doom overdosing on proto-Death. Well, you get the idea: Subsilence play it very raw (keyboards? What keyboards?), and yes, I admit that in their more down-tempo parts they really sound like 'In Memoriam' covered by Winter. The best part of this album are the awesome vocals by Pete Lamport: now here's a guy who manages to sound exactly like a young Lee Dorian, then the next minute he'll spew some raw young Tom G. Warrior screams (only the UGH! are missing).

There's a lot to say about a band capable of writing a 8 minute song that could have been featured on ’Dismal Gleams Of Desolation’ (‘To Change Is To Die’, my favourite on this album), yet never sound like a copycat and is damn NOT boring. The riffs are memorable, with a muddy and sludgy punk-ish edge (think Iron Monkey playing 'Left Hand Path'), some of the best in the genre I've heard since the last Coffins album. But the rhythm section is the perfect complement here. The bass lines are not only dripping with ooze, they are also damn well executed and you can hear it rumbling in your stereo just fine. The monolithic drumming is the perfect icing on the funeral cake.

Subsilence have released here something new and personal, something different and original, the kind of album that every raw Doom/Death fan around here should hunt down and purchase. And the fact that such a talented newcomer is still unsigned is a damn shame, if you ask me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. I Am Megalodon
2. Gravity Well
3. Abandoned
4. Bonds
5. Sidewinder
6. To Change Is To Die
7. Lethysphere
8. Uncanny Valley
9. Granite Planet

Duration : Approx. 60 minutes

Visit the Subsilence bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-09-20 by Laurent Lignon
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