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Reido : Minus Eleven

If you enjoyed their debut, Reido are likely to disappoint you with their new album, having turned away from Funeral Doom altogether.

Five years have passed since Reido from Belarus, a newcomer back then, released their debut album F:\all which had sparked some interest in the Funeral Doom underground. The sound on that album was fresh and original, hinting at Industrial music here and there. Finally, the wait for a new album is over. Their second effort is released on 11/11/2011 and simply called - 11 (pronounced 'Minus Eleven'). Unfortunately, fans of its predecessor will have a hard time recognising the band, and most of them will be unhappy about the new direction.

Reido have completely changed their sound. There is hardly anything left of the experimental Funeral Doom and strange, but captivating atmosphere of F:\all. Instead, they have recorded an album of highly aggressive Sludge Metal here. The songwriting is simple and much more focused on heaviness and rhythm than on atmosphere. Both drumming and vocals – which now consist of very Sludge-typical shouting – clearly support this new approach. There is strikingly little melodic depth to the music: Guitar riffs or melodic lines (if they can be called that at all) only stray a few semitones away from the basic chord, making the compositions essentially circle around that one keynote all the time. Thus, the songs become extremely repetitive. What is more, the style remains very homogeneous throughout the album, leaving little room for variation or surprises. All these factors give - 11 a decidedly bleak or even sterile feel which may appeal to lovers of this particular style, but is likely to be met with indifference by the Funeral Doom audience. The somewhat “dry”, ultra-heavy and bass-driven production serves only to strengthen this impression even more.

This is not to say that - 11 was a bad album. In fact, its uncompromising aggression will certainly be a nice listen for some Sludge fanatics who cannot get enough of their post-apocalyptic wastelands put into music. There are a few instances of nice minimalist lead guitar lines or short breaks to make things slightly more interesting. But on the whole, I can only warn about buying this blindly if you liked the band’s debut – chances are good that you will be very disappointed. Reido have given up all of their originality to create something very consistent, very powerful, but eventually also bland and shallow. This kind of sound has been heard many times before, and often better.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Violence & Destruction
2. Degeneration Cycle
3. Arhat
4. I Saw His Mask Fall
5. The Six-Day War
6. Human Dysfunction
7. Flows & Eruptions

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Reido bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-08 by Dominik Sonders
Aesthetic Death
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