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Desolation : IV

Desolation is definately not an entity aiming to create a bright and hopeful landscape in your mind.

Building off of an atmosphere established through unsettling soundscapes, synths and sound effects, Desolation are definately not an entity aiming to create a bright and hopeful landscape in your mind. From start to finish, ‘IV’ is a place of fear... of isolation, darkness and a general sense of unease. From the hypnotic, storm-fueled and lurking 'Broken' to the 22 minute lesson in captivation that is 'Und Der Himmel Wurde Auseinander Zerissen', this recording shows that sometimes you don't need a full band to create stunning atmospherics and dread-laden brilliance. It isn't until the third cut on the album that you hear guitars and, even then, the tension grows onward. Elsewhere, on tracks like 'In Ewiger Erinnerung', you question whether the music is even of human creation thanks to the otherworldly and almost alien-like vibe felt throughout a noticeable chunk of the track.

From an overall standpoint, the instrumental musicianship is set at a nice minimalistic spot where almost everything feels natural and without any hint of forced creationism. The guitarwork established isn't anything much outside of power and minor chords, but with music like this it actually helps to not have someone trying to be a virtuoso with the instrument as it could take away from the overall atmosphere at hand. The drum work is of the bare minimum and only seems to occasionally show up to assist in accenting the mood of that particular short section, mostly relying on a thick bass drum hit. The whole of this creation is flooded with synth and string work, guitars heavily effected with flanger, phaser and distortion tones and well placed samples. In terms of the vocals, which like the drums only make the occasional appearance, you find yourself with the semi-expected array of scratchy-but-deep Black Metal vocals and the occasional whispered section thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, as of this review, the project seems to have been terminated by its lone member. That, however, does not make the record any less worthy of a spot on a more adventurous Doom Metal fan's album stack.

Reviewer's rating: 6.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Daybreak
2. Moonlight Through The Mist…
3. Broken
4. The Sea
5. The Bleeding Sky
6. Schreie Weitermachten Den Wind
7. Und Der Himmel Wurde Auseinander Zerissen
8. In Silentium Penitus
9. In Ewiger Erinnerung
10. The Martyr

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes

Visit the Desolation bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-10 by Jon Carr
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